Halloween's best kept secret is that it's not just for kids! Real couples share their couple Halloween costumes because they're as creative and fabulous as they're just plain fun! Check out these couple Halloween costume ideas and choose one — or two! — for you and your sweetie to try this year!

Confession: We don't just love Halloween for the creative costumes, sweet treats and priceless memories. We also love this childhood favorite because it gives us a chance to dress up. Yes, us. There's something fabulous about diving into the fun of this creative holiday — as the mom!

This year, why not join in the fun and dress up as a couple? Ask April advice columnist April Masini says, "Celebrating Halloween together is a great way to bind your relationship, get to know each other further and have some fun — all of which promote intimacy."

Sold? We are, too. Check out our 16 fabulous couple Halloween costumes. We dare you to choose just one!

Amanda Magee writes at The Wink where she finds extra in the ordinary as a working mom to three daughters in the Adirondacks.

Amanda and her husband's gem of a costume is Brangelina. Amanda says, "We're not generally Halloween people, but when we were invited to a party and assigned the roles of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, we couldn't resist."

Halloween couples costumes collage 1

Amy Hindman's blog Nap Time Crafters is home to fun DIY tutorials for children's clothing, home decor and more.

Amy's clever couple costume is the Flintstones family! Amy says, "Using thrift store sheets I made quick and easy Fred and Wilma costumes and our baby went as Pebbles."

Halloween couple costumes- Heather

Heather Davis drives in the funny lane hence her perfectly named blog, Minivan Momma.

Heather and her husband didn't have a single problem creating this fabulous costume. Heather explains, "Oddly enough, we already had everything we needed to make our Dog & Beth costumes — don't judge."

Halloween couple costumes- KatKathy Bouska is a mom of three saving up for the therapy her kids will need when they find the silly videos she makes on her YouTube channel.

Kat and her husband join in Halloween costume fun, sometimes willingly, and sometimes not. About this creative Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo costume, Kat says, "My husband stared at me like, "You have got to be kidding me" when I presented him with his Fred costume." But he wore it anyway, and we're sure glad that he did!

Bethany Meyer writes the beautifully written, and aptly named, blog I Love Them Most When They're Sleeping.

Bethany and her husband have many creative costumes behind them. Two of their favorites are:

Halloween couples costumes- Bethany

Popeye and Olive Oyl, about which Bethany says, "This couples costume is timeless for us. We may revisit it. My husband is very tall and naturally lean. I am vertically challenged and every time I consume protein my biceps get bigger. He wore a black wig, a black skirt and red turtleneck from a thrift shop and doilies around his neck and wrists. I wore white pants, stuffed the arms of my white sailor shirt (a staple in my closet at the time, embarrassingly enough) with balloons, a cap, a pipe, my husband's pea coat and carried a can of spinach."

And a zombie family, which we all agree doesn't even need a caption.

Halloween couples costumes- Lela

Lela Davidson is an award-winning humorist, freelance journalist and author of the books Blacklisted from the PTA and Who Peed on My Yoga Mat?

Lela and her husband choose fun whenever possible and have donned many costumes throughout their years together. Two of their favorites are flamboyant pirates and '80s prom goers.

Lisa Steinke is an allParenting writer and the co-author of the novel, YOUR PERFECT LIFE, to be published by Atria/Simon & Schuster in 2014.

Lisa has reused her outrageous Big Bird costume and her counterparts accessorize each look perfectly!

Two of Lisa and her husband Matt's best Big Bird costume wins have been:

Halloween couples costumes- Lisa

A family of fowl because as Lisa says, "The family that dresses up together, stays together..."

And Mitt Romney (his binder of "women") and Big Bird. About this gem, Lisa says, "I wanted to recycle this costume from the prior year (hey, I'm a mom, if I can reuse a costume, it means more time for me. Plus, it was funny!) so I came up with the idea for my husband and me to dress up as this outrageous duo that had recently made headlines. Needless to say, we were the hit of the party! (Never a bad thing.)"

Kendra is the blogger behind the blog My Insanity where she gathers an insane amount of ideas.

Kendra, her husband Barry and their children have a beloved tradition of dressing up as a group. The whole family takes part in suggesting and casting each year's theme. You could try these as a family or pick and choose two costumes from each grouping for a creative costume for just the two of you!

Halloween couples costumes- Kendra

Some of this family's standouts include:

Little Lamb, Bo Peep and the Big Bad Wolf

Toy Story including Woody, Jesse, Little Bo Beep, Buzz Lightyear and Hamm

Snow White, a dwarf, the wicked queen and the woodsman

The characters — and author! — of C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia

A circus family starring a ventriloquist, a strong man, a trapeze artist, a clown and a fortune teller

The Wizard of Oz featuring Dorothy, Glinda, the lion, the scarecrow, the tin man and, of course, the wicked witch.

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