Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to rely on expensive software for editing your photographs. These free photo editing sites have just about everything you need to crop, edit, adjust and tweak your pictures so they look their very best. Go ahead, snap away!


One of my favorite sites for online photo editing is You don't have to register for the site and it has so many options available for free users. Possible photo edits include touch-ups like blemish fix, text, overlays, frames and textures to name just a few. They also offer seasonal edits which can be fun for jazzing up your holiday photos. Or, you can head to the other side of the site and create a collage of pictures with one of their pre-made layouts or design your own. They even have one specifically for Facebook cover photos.

Bottom Line^ If you decide to upgrade to Royale, it will cost you about a cup of coffee each month and you'll have access to every single feature available on the site without having to see any ads.


Broken into three sections, has photo editing options for people of every talent. The Pixlr Editor looks very similar to Photoshop and has almost all of the same functions, including the ability to add layers to images as you edit. Whether you are creating new images from scratch or editing photos, you can adjust, filter and clone stamp your way to the perfect picture. Don't want to take that much time on your photo edits? Visit the Pixlr Express section or the even easier Pixlr O-Matic.

Bottom Line^I'm really impressed with all of the features of this free photo editing site and love that it has the different sections for editing. There just might be some truth in their claim of "the most popular online photo editor in the world."

FotoFlexer doesn't have as many photo editing options as some of the other sites but it does have a lot of fun effects for your pictures. The tabs for effects, decorations and animations include several cute options to make your pictures unique. If you're not printing the images, try out the glitter text and animated stickers. Or, keep it still with the regular stickers and add a text bubble along with some words and a border to your photos. No matter what you decide, you'll have fun playing around in FotoFlexer.

Bottom Line^I don't find this site laid out as nicely as some of the others but I do like that it allows for photos to be edited from other sites such as Facebook and PhotoBucket.


Designed similar to PicMonkey but slightly easier to use is All of the photo editing features on the site are free and there's no registration needed to use them. From teeth whitening to wrinkle smoothing, you can edit whatever is needed from your people pictures. Or, choose from hundreds of textures, frames, texts and other goodies to create your own funky photos. Go one step further and create your own collages which can be easily edited with backgrounds, text and other goodies.

Bottom Line^While there are many great features on BeFunky, I think my favorites are how easy it is to edit a collage and the countless textures they have to choose from.


To me, seems like a cross between FotoFlexer and PicMonkey. With navigation on the left and the top of the screen, there are so many different options for tweaking your images. As far as I can tell, iPiccy has all of the features of the other sites and most you can use without having to sign in. However, for some of the functions, like adding a sunny tan, you have to register and sign in before you can apply the adjustment. But all of the features on the site are free, regardless of whether or not you are signed in. The advanced features for some of the edits, like adding bokeh and adjusting light levels are also really cool if you have the time to play around with them.

Bottom Line^iPiccy has a lot of really great photo editing features but I feel like the site could be laid out a little better. Also, the ads on the homepage take up a lot of space but I'm not going to complain about them too much since everything on the site is free to use.

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