Posted: Nov 13, 2013 10:00 AM
Scared of heights? A trapeze class might make your heart stop for just a minute, but a group of girlfriends can help you turn your fear into a fun girls' night adventure. Fly high with your friends with a safe, fear-conquering trapeze lesson.

When Mom's the one afraid

Moms spend a lot of time working with their kids on becoming more confident and ready to face any childhood fears, but their own uncertainties may still linger below the surface of encouraging words. Acrophobia, or an extreme fear of heights, can make high buildings or bridges intimidating.

Try a trapeze class

Trapeze classes might seem like the absolute last place someone with a fear of heights should find themselves, but grabbing a group of girlfriends to try a class is a fantastic way to face that fear in a safe, controlled environment. With a few friends and comfortable clothes that work just as well upside down as right side up, your next girls' night out will be an adrenaline-filled workout you'll always remember. Skilled instructors will work with you to learn basic moves and are well-versed in working with new flyers.

Find a place to fly

Trapeze School New York is a world-class organization offering five distinct disciplines in the flying trapeze. They offer lessons, private parties and have schools in Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles and Puerto Rico. If you live in one of those metro areas, check out TSNY for your next girls' night out. If not? A weekend away is always a great way to reconnect with friends!

If you can't make it to one of the classes at TSNY, Ludwig's Flying Trapeze Resource Page is your complete resource for the Flying Trapeze and Circus Aerialist Enthusiasts. They have a breakdown of trapeze classes in 34 states, plus Washington D.C. Find classes that feature high-flying or low-to-the-ground trapeze classes. You can even find aerial dance classes in many states — talk about "dancing with the stars!"

Spin around closer to the ground

Pole fitness- butterfly moveIf trapeze classes still seem a little too high-flying for you, Jessica Torres recommends trying a girls' night out at a pole fitness class. She loves the workout but knows the idea of walking into the studio alone might be a bit intimidating.

Jessica says, "Trying a new workout can be scary, especially when it's something like pole dancing. A great way to get over this fear and do something fun is to plan a girls' night out at a pole fitness studio such as Poleletic Fitness. Not only does it get your body moving, you'll have fun laughing with friends while you learn moves like the fireman, the goddess and the maybe even spend some time upside down. Plus, it's an awesome way to reconnect with your sexy side!"

The bottom line^ Enlisting your girlfriends to help you conquer your fear — whether it's of heights or an unknown activity — can be the perfect mix of girl time and self-empowerment.

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