If you have some amazing pieces sitting around, submit them, and you may get published. While some publications require a small miracle, others are within "regular people's" reach.

It’s a truly wonderful feeling to see your writing published somewhere other than your own blog. Beyond the simple nod to your writing, new publications get your words in front of new audiences, which means new and different responses. This helps us grow as writers.

If you have some favorite blog posts or articles that you’d love to submit for publication, do it! You have to try. Here are five publications to try. Though inclusion in some magazines and publications requires extensive work and a small miracle, the ones listed below have online blogs/magazines and a stream-lined submission process. If you get rejected, ask why. Put your writing in front of people who have made it into certain publications. Find a ruthless editor. It hurts, but it’s worth it.

  1. BlogHer

    BlogHer is a huge online publishing network. All you have to do is register with BlogHer and start uploading posts that adhere to their editorial guidelines. They will review your uploads and choose ones that they would like to syndicate (promote and pay you for!) or feature. Both drive traffic to your blog and increase exposure.

  2. Mamalode

    Mamalode is an excellent, very well-respected print and online magazine publishing original works that are not political or “how-to” in nature. In their words, "if your writing style and story is accepting (no judgment), candid, heartfelt and if your story takes the topic to heart in a unique way, we want to hear from you.” Submission guidelines can be found here.

  3. The Huffington Post

    While The Huffington Post is huge and may seem totally out of reach, if you have a piece that brought a lot of traffic to your blog, submit it to “HuffPo” and you might be surprised. You may not hear from them 100 times, but it only takes one editor noticing you to sign you up as a contributing blogger. Give it a shot. Though they don’t pay in dollars, they pay in exposure, and that’s valuable for writers who are trying to build their platforms.

  4. Brain, Child

    Brain, Child calls itself a “magazine for thinking mothers.” It is the largest literary magazine for mothers. They publish smart, insightful, artistic writing. A selective (but accessible) publication, Brain, Child publishes 20-plus essays per month for print, online and blog publications. Published since 2000, their mission is to “bring the voices of women of different backgrounds and circumstances together on the page, on our website, and on our blog” (source). Like MamalodeBrain, Child is a publication for which you want to save your most polished, heartfelt and critical pieces of writing. Guidelines are here.

  5. Niche publications

    If you have a piece that deals with familial relationships, Google publications that focus on relationships. If it’s social justice/politics related, find a publication that focuses on such issues. Many of these publications pay their contributing writers, and an equal number bring large numbers of readers. Ask writers like you where they send their work. Get out of purely parenting or motherhood-related publications. You’d be surprised how many online publications focus on issues that encompass parenthood. If you find a publication interested in a unique/focused topic, you can provide them compelling content tailored for them, which of course increases your chances of getting published.

And now, start researching, writing, revising/editing and submitting. Then revise more. Then submit more. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it, and those pieces aren’t going to promote themselves.

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