You know you have a dream job — the career you would pursue if life wasn't in the way. Maybe you have an idea for a business or a job that's always sounded ideal, but something has held you back from taking the first step toward your goals. This mom took a leap of faith over her personal fear and is working in her dream job.

The pull of a dream job

Personality tests and internet quizzes abound, urging women to answer questions honestly and find out what sort of job or career is their ideal. In searching for what would help shape a fulfilling job, Kiran Ferrandino kept returning to the concept of Namaste — a Sanskrit word meaning the divine in me acknowledges and honors the divine in you. She said, "For a while I knew I wanted to start a yoga-inspired jewelry company. I wanted something that captured the meaning of 'Namaste' in every piece in our line. It's something I try to take seriously in my own life and I wanted it to be a guiding philosophy for the company."

The ugliness behind pretty jewelry

Kiran was disturbed when she began to research sources for her jewelry line, particularly the gemstones that give jewelry an extra bit of sheen and sparkle. She recalled, "I was horrified. What looks pretty on someone's neck or hand can often be tied back to poor working conditions, child labor and situations that don't look so different from the factory collapse in Bangladesh earlier this year."

Standing up to fear

Kiran could have let the dream of her jewelry line collapse, afraid of the ugly face of gemstone sourcing. Instead of letting her horror at what she discovered temper her dreams to start her jewelry line, she combined her passion for helping others with her passion for beautiful things, finding alternate sources for her line. Simply Om was born.

A company with a purpose

Simply Om is about empowering women around the world who are working in oppressive situations to overcome.

Kiran wants to do more than create gorgeous jewelry, though her love of fashion means each piece is absolutely lovely in its own right. But Simply Om is more than that. Kiran spoke about the purpose of her company, "At the core of things, I believe people want to buy with integrity. Simply Om is about empowering women around the world who are working in oppressive situations to overcome. It's about bringing high-trend fashion into the hands of a public that will embrace the stories of these women who are overcoming some really terrible odds to rise above what might seem like impossible situations."

allParenting dream job- Simply OmGiving artisans a chance

Simply Om is a Fair Trade sourced company using eco-friendly materials from around the world. The sourcing for the jewelry line isn't simply about the materials — each piece is handmade, and each pair of hands has a story. Kiran talked about the women who create the pieces making up the Simply Om line, "Simply Om is helping women artisans learn a skill, a trade and how to support their families with dignity. Some of the women are former sex trade survivors — others are battling physical handicaps which have left them disenfranchised, like deafness or blindness."

The future of Simply Om

In the future, Kiran hopes to grow Simply Om to help even more women — and their families — create a better life for themselves. She said, "Our goal is to create artisan communities around the world and help lift these women out of poverty while creating education and clean water funds. They don't want a handout. They want a chance. Simply Om is about giving people who have never had that chance, a very critical opportunity to finally seize one."

THe bottom line^

Kiran's passion has bloomed as she has worked to build Simply Om. She understands that there are many options for accessories, but she said, "Every piece tells a story. Every purchase helps another woman tell hers. Help us tell these stories."

Shop Simply Om and know that your purchases are supporting a company that truly believes is working to end human slavery, human trafficking and human oppression. Kiran reminds us all, "Yes, you are divine. I see it. Do you?" Find and connect with Simply Om on Facebook and Twitter.

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