Posted: Dec 06, 2013 6:00 AM
Fact: Moms need mom friends. Show yours how much you appreciate them this holiday season with our acts of kindness ideas. Make your friends feel appreciated and loved by choosing one — or two! — of our examples of random acts of kindness! This is female friendship at its best!

It's easy to get caught up in the craziness of schedules and the wonder of family and lose sight of the people that feed our souls and keep us grounded: our mom friends. Life Coach and Solutions Consultant with LSS Harmony Sophie Skover says, "Being a good friend is one of those investments in life that will pay you a million times over. It's important to treat your friends with love and respect, even if life is busy," We couldn't agree more!

Being a good friend is one of those investments in life that will pay you a million times over. It's important to treat your friends with love and respect, even if life is busy.

This holiday season, try one of our mom-to-mom acts of kindness. Friend focusing in this way will be a filling gift for the both of you. Skover explains, "In the overall scheme of things we're all connected and kindness is a reminder of that. We have three spaces we can give from: the head, the gut and the heart. The most fulfilling space to give and receive from is the heart. It's all about intention. Kindness, for both giver and receiver, is a reminder of our ultimate oneness and when people give from the heart, they'll automatically be refilled back up, which turns out to be a win-win for both parties."

Once you start giving in this way, you'll find yourself lifted, and wanting to give more. Follow that feeling and dive into your kindness style with our friendship — and heart — filling ideas!

7 Acts of kindness for your mom friends

  1. A cup of coffee makes the day go 'round

    Know your girlfriend's favorite cup of coffee and surprise her with it at work or at home. And if you don't know what she likes, ask! Both the caffeine and the kindness will be appreciated!

  2. Sweet treats

    allParenting coffee cake mug cakes

    Moms often make their own birthday treats! Surprise your girlfriend with a homemade or store-bought treat on her birthday or, really, any day. Our favorite idea is making one of these mug cakes in a small Mason jar. Tied with a simple ribbon, this is a treat made for a... mom!

  3. Tell her she's a good mom

    A handwritten note, an email or a text letting her know how much you admire how she's a mom to her kids will warm her over. Skover explains, "Recognition is one of those energies that is like the Energizer Bunny, it will fill someone up and help them keep going and going!"

  4. Oh, those kids

    Offer to take your girlfriend's kids for the afternoon or the night. You don't need to say very much here, just invite them over without expectation or discussion of swapping. A break, knowing her kids are happily in good hands, will definitely fill her up!

  5. allParenting mason jar tortilla soupPass the words

    If you read something wonderful — a book, an article, a Facebook post — pass it onto your girlfriend. Knowing how well you "get" her, and just the fact that you thought of her, will make her day.

  6. Dinnertime!

    If you make a big pot of your amazing chili or perfect pasta, why not save a serving for your friend? Drop off a container filled with homemade goodness. Bonus points for including the recipe! Our tortilla soup served in Mason jars is a perfect example of how simple this can be!

  7. Capture her smile

    Moms are rarely in pictures. You can fix that problem for your girlfriend! Snap a photo of her in action with her children or husband and send it to her. You can even edit the photo, but a text photo in the raw is perfection!

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