Posted: Dec 20, 2013 8:00 AM
Wondering what are the best gifts for moms? Look no further, we’ve got you covered with real expert advice. Moms share the best gifts they’ve ever gotten in the ultimate gift guide for moms!

What makes a perfect gift for the person who's usually in charge of everyone else's presents? We're here to help. Our millennium's Dear Abby, April Masini, suggests that gift giving is an art. She says, "There's nothing more wonderful than receiving a meaningful gift that's truly tailored to you." Real moms take the mystery out of gift giving by sharing the best gifts they've ever gotten. Be sure to get mom her best gift yet with our mom-approved gift guide!

Best mom gifts- Andrew Mowery

Andrea Mowery punctuates life and parenting topics with her own personal mishaps and deadpan observations on her blog, About 100%.

About the best gift she's ever gotten, Andrea says, "The best gift I ever received was from my husband during a Caribbean cruise we took when I was five months pregnant; he disappeared into a jewelry store on a shore stop and bought me a perfect pearl necklace for no good reason, and I still wear it all the time."

Gift giving tip^ Be "extravagant!" That little something that she might not pick up for herself makes a perfect gift!

Best mom gifts- Sheri Silver

Sheri Silver is a mom of three (ages 22, 17 and "almost 5"), a landscape designer and writer of the lifestyle blog donuts, dresses and dirt.

About the best gift she's ever gotten, Sheri says, "The best gift I ever got was on Mother's Day 2001 — my first Mother's Day after my divorce. My then 9-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son got up early, went downstairs and not only made signs and put a flower in a vase, they prepared my 'breakfast' — right down to my iced coffee. To this day this remains my best gift ever!"

Gift giving tip^ Go thoughtful for the win. Pampered moms are happy moms!

Best mom gifts- Alexandra Rosas

Alexandra Rosas is a stay-at-home mom of three boys who tries hard to go unnoticed in her small town. She fails miserably. You can follow her on her personal blog Good Day, Regular People.

About the best gift she's ever gotten, Alexandra says, "My best gift ever was my blog in hardcover via blog2book. My husband and kids gave it to me last year for my birthday and I love, love, love getting to sit down and read my stories."

Gift giving tip^ Show her that you notice her passions and appreciate her hard work by tying her gift to her creative or professional adventures!

Best mom gifts- Elissa Freeman

Elissa Freeman is the savvy writer behind Eggs and Onions where PR and pop culture percolate.

About the best gift she's ever gotten, Elissa says, "When my daughter was in nursery school, Shrinky Dinks were all the rage. One Mother's Day, she surprised me with a homemade necklace made of a drawing of her and I walking along surrounded by love, with a happy sun shining down on us. I've adored it since the day she gave to me — and now she's 13! It still makes me smile every time I look at it."

Gift giving tip^ Homemade gifts are so very clearly from the heart, and are always adored and appreciated!

Best mom gifts- Angie Lee

Angie Lee works in PR, editing and social media advertising. She's also the clever writer behind Seven Clown Circus and a mother to five.

About the best gift she's ever gotten, Angie says, "The best gift I ever received was a beautiful mothers' ring with a stone representing each of our children from my husband while I was in the hospital on bed rest with my twins. It wasn't the value of the ring that meant so much to me, though, it was the sentiment. I never take it off."

Gift giving tip^ Sentimental gifts are always appreciated. Any item reminiscent of our children make moms swoon!

BEst mom gifts- Kristin Shaw

Kristin Shaw writes about love, hope, parenting and relationships on her blog Two Cannoli.

About the best gift she's ever gotten, Kristin says, "When we first moved to Austin, my husband's home town, my in-laws bought me a pair of cowboy boots. This meant a lot to me because they have ranch land in west Texas, and these boots allow me to participate in all of the family activities. I had arrived."

Gift giving tip^ Moms are often the fun planners. This year, make her gift one that invites her to join in on family activities!