The Rainbow Loom is the hottest craft trend of the year. If your kids are getting bored of the basic bracelet, have fun creating new bracelet weaves (such as Minecraft Creeper bands and the famous starburst bracelet), key chains, pencil grips, headbands and more with these fun Rainbow Loom tutorials.

Today’s crafty kids are having a blast making cool bracelets, headbands, pencil grips and more thanks to the hottest craze — the Rainbow Loom! If you are like most parents, you already know what we are talking about (and are already finding little rubber bands all over the house), but if you aren’t yet in the know, the Rainbow Loom (Amazon, $18) and the Fun Loom (Amazon, $8) feature a template and colorful rubber bands that are woven together to create all kinds of cool creations.

Once you have mastered the basic bracelet, it is time to move on to other fun projects. In fact, these crafts make great gifts! We have rounded up the coolest Rainbow Loom ideas with tutorials to help you become the coolest kid (or parent) on the block!

Rainbow Loom pencil grip

These cool Rainbow Loom pencil grips are not only cool, but practical as well! This tutorial is rated as easy, so it will be perfect for beginners. Perhaps your child will earn bonus points from his teacher for making these for the class?

Rainbow Loom earrings

How cute are these? This tutorial shows you how to make colorful Rainbow Loom earrings. You can use clips-on hooks if your ears aren't pierced or regular earring hooks if your ears are pierced. This craft does require you to have the Mini Room Loom Template (Amazon, $5).

Rainbow Loom Minecraft Creeper bracelet

This band is perfect for the Minecraft fan! You will need green and black bands to make the perfect Creeper. This project is also rated easy, making it perfect for the beginner. These bracelets would be great party favors for a birthday party!

Rainbow Loom hair bow

This Rainbow Loom hair bow will look so cute with your Rainbow Loom earrings! This project is considered easy to intermediate. You will need three colors, plus a base color (like white or black) and a hair band.

Rainbow Loom key chain

This Rainbow Loom Key Chain is fun and easy! Pick up some beads or bangle letters to add your name or a little bling. This key chain would be perfect for backpacks, as well.

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