Posted: May 08, 2014 9:00 AM
Many of us have no problem making goals — even realistic ones — but life seems to get in the way of making progress on those goals. A life coach can help you find more time, focus your priorities and help you reach dreams that once seemed out of reach.
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Why hire a life coach?

Most people don't have a difficult time setting goals. To-do lists, short-term goals and long-term plans can be accomplished with a bit of thought, some soul searching and a pen and paper. Unfortunately, those goals aren't always accomplished, and some people find themselves setting the same goals in the middle of the year as they set at the beginning of the same year. Whether you find yourself short of your goals through self-sabotage, incomplete planning or outside circumstances, a life coach can help you come closer to any of the goals on your list.

What to expect from a life coach

You need to increase your confidence in yourself first so that you know you are capable of reaching your goals and staying committed to your goals.

Stephanie Mansour is a Chicago-based lifestyle coach who helps women "step up" their confidence to be successful in any area of their lives. She works with women in a variety of settings, from corporate wellness programs to phone coaching to at-home personal training and coaching. Life coaches can be general or specified, and Stephanie focuses on three areas: health and fitness, dating and career. The foundation of all of Stephanie's coaching is confidence. She says all of her programs are based on "the premise that you need to increase your confidence in yourself first so that you know you are capable of reaching your goals and staying committed to your goals." Visit Step it Up with Steph for more information about the services she offers — you don't have to be in the Chicago area to work with Stephanie.

Find the right fit for you and your goals

Once you make the decision to hire a life coach — or at least look into hiring one — finding the right fit might seem overwhelming. Word of mouth recommendations are a fantastic place to start, but remember not every coach will be a good fit for every person, even in the same circle of friends or co-workers. Stephanie has several tips for finding a coach who will maximize your results, and not surprisingly, the first involves knowing why you want to hire a coach. Stephanie suggests:

  • Assess your needs. What is driving you to look for help? Are you looking to feel more confident in yourself, trying to get on a workout program or dealing with anxiety?
  • Once you know what you are looking for, you can narrow down your search. Instead of looking for a general life coach, you can find someone who deals specifically with your needs.
  • Ask for recommendations, do Google searches and ask your doctor for referrals.
  • Most coaches will offer an introductory phone call to see if you would be a good fit. Use this time to see if you "click" and like the way the coach is running the call.

The Bottom Line^

Hiring a life coach is an investment — in your success, in your future and in yourself. No matter what sorts of dreams you have, the right life coach will help get you closer to any of your goals and help you learn the tools you'll need to get all the way there.

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