Posted: Jun 13, 2014 9:00 AM
Put Daddy on duty for the weekend, head out for 48 hours of fun with your best mom pals.
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Staycation slumber party

Christine St. Vil, Waldorf, Maryland, is a mom of three kids ages 2, 4 and 6 so her girl time is "more precious than ever. As much as I love my hubby and kids, there is nothing like time with my girlfriends!" So last December she decided to host a weekend getaway for many of her special girlfriends.

She says, "Since it's rare that we find time to get together with all of our busy schedules, I wanted to do something that would be different and memorable and allow for some time to really catch up with each other."

Christine St. Vil- Girls getaway slumber party
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Christine arranged a photo party session with her photographer and the party didn't stop there. She says, "Fourteen of us got dolled up and we all had a blast. We then headed to a nearby hotel where I arranged for dinner to greet us prepared by a chef friend — a full, three-course meal which we all devoured. We laughed, talked, played games and had a girls' night slumber party."

Party crashers

When mother of two Patricia N., 39, and her two best gal pals get together, there's no telling what mischief they'll get into. Patricia says, "My two best friends and I take a trip every year on the same weekend in May. We pick a different city every year and I use my miles to get everyone there so there's never any "I can't afford it this year" business. We've been doing it since 2001. When we started, it was for my bachelorette trip and only one of us had kids. Now we all do."

Patricia N- girls getaway weekend
Photo credit: Patricia N.

She shares, "We've had some sort of shenanigans every trip, but my favorite was New Orleans in 2009. We were staying at the W and had just had a nice dinner out. Upon returning, we noticed some sort of corporate party with face painting, fortune telling, music, dancing, and most importantly, open bar. So we decided to just sort of nonchalantly walk in and see what it was all about. Apparently it was some sort of legal convention that had been underway for a while. We walked over to the name tag table and we each took one and proceeded to drink copious amounts of wine and became the girls everyone there was talking about. My apologies to "Patti Young" for my rendition of the "Tootsie Roll" dance that night, as her colleagues must have thought how inappropriate that dance was for a lawyers' convention." Awesome.

South of the border Super Bowl cruise

TaCreacia B., single mother of four in Orlando, says her most epic girls' getaway was a Super Bowl cruise to Mexico. She says, "We are not really that into sports but on the ship it was nonstop partying. The day of the Super Bowl we wore our favorite team jersey and attended a private party on the boat. The fun laughter and tropical surroundings made for a lasting adventure. This has become our annual girls' event during Super Bowl time."

TaCreacia B.- girls getaway Superbowl cruise
Photo credit: TaCreacia B.

Tips for planning your own epic girls' getaway^

  • Plan in advance. I mean well in advance to ensure you pick a date that works for your entire group of girls. Book the reservations early, too, as you may be able to score some early bird specials or group rates, depending on the size of your party.
  • Do something out of the box. You all work hard and dedicate yourselves to your careers and your families. This trip is about Y.O.U. — whether your group just wants to linger at the resort getting massages and relaxing at pool with cocktails or you feel like doing something a bit more adventurous.
  • If you have a large group, it's OK to split off into smaller groups if some want to go sightseeing while others want to take a jog on the beach. Plan for everyone to be at major events of the weekend like dinners and dancing.
  • Finally, take lots of pictures.

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