Kids have a way of making us forget ourselves, our own needs and who we were before they arrived. Don't let go of your ability to do what you like. Even little babies can enjoy camping, knitting, traveling and reading a good novel. Here's how we've brought the kids in on our fun.
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We had kids and everything changed. We now only watch Disney movies, the only time we "go out" is for play dates, and we can't even go to the bathroom without an interruption. We're parents; it's part of the gig. And though some of our hobbies may take a back burner until our little ones are older, there are plenty of ways parents make their personal hobbies a family event.

The moment it hits 60 degrees in the spring, you'll find my husband out at a local golf course, and because he has unusual days off, he often goes alone. Lucky for him we have a little boy who, go figure, enjoys swinging sticks and hitting things. We got him a toddler putter and this year he'll be getting a club as well. They get in some quality father-son time while I get in some quiet. That's a hole in one for all involved. But my husband and I aren't the only parents letting kids in on their fun.

Working out just became a little more fun — for both of us!

Jil, mom to one, hasn't let her fitness take a back burner now that she's a mother. "I take [my daughter] to the Y to work out with me (she's 5 months old). We go running around the track in the jogging stroller (you can use strollers there), then I take her out and hold her while I do squats and lunges. She loves it! She laughs every time, like it's a roller coaster ride. Then I lay her halfway on my belly while I do crunches, then sit her on my stomach while I do pelvic tilts. Working out just became a little more fun — for both of us!"

Molly from Arizona is involved with competitive BBQ with her husband. "We travel as a family to various competitions around the southwest in our travel trailer and make vacations out of it. My son is old enough now (6) to compete in the 'kids q' competitions, which he has done well in!"

Missouri mom Kayte and her husband go to car shows, cruises and the drag strip to enjoy cars and car people. She says these are family-friendly environments. "All the kids can use a rag to polish a car. The oldest is learning spark plugs this summer. It helps to have small fingers around when tightening nuts and bolts in hard to reach places."

I teach her every time we work together and explain what we (or just I) are doing.

South Carolina mom and master gardener Jessi says, "Sadie gardens with me. I let her pick out her own seeds and plants occasionally. And I give her small chores like raking the soil. I teach her every time we work together and explain what we (or just I) are doing. I try to pick jobs with short steps and a simple process."

Brenda, mother of two and grandmother of three, lives in the country and her family rides horses fairly often. She says, "We have a miniature horse that the grand babies ride." What kid wouldn't love that arrangement?

Anna, mother of two, is a crafter. She's not intimidated by the thought of letting her kids use scissors and glue. "We recently set up a craft room and my girls (6 and 2) have their own craft desk too."

So just because you become a parent doesn't mean that you have to let go of all your fun. Find creative ways to get your kids involved.

Let us know!^ Have you let your kids participate in your hobbies? Share with us how in the comments below.

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