Posted: Jun 06, 2014 8:00 AM
In honor of Best Friends Day, we asked real women to reveal why their sisters ended up being their best friends, too, and what makes their friendship one of a kind.
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Party-throwing pals

Amanda Willis says that she and her older sister have been best friends "since I was born." With just three years between them, Amanda and Ashley did everything together, from dance class as toddlers to having the same group of friends in high school and beyond.

Amanda says, "One of our favorite hobbies is entertaining and throwing parties,  which we inherited from our mom. We love to get our friends together around a dinner table with great food and cocktails and laugh the night away. Our passion for parties grew into a blog, The Sisters’ Soiree, that we started a year ago. Though it can be a lot of work sometimes (and there are, of course, the occasional arguments that any set of sisters would have), I couldn't imagine this experience without my sister. We become closer every day and constantly build a stronger bond."

A deeper understanding

Author Catherine Dougherty says that though she and her sister Cynthia were close in their youth (Catherine was the flower girl at Cynthia's wedding and babysat her sister's kids), despite their 11-year age difference, they didn't become really close friends until Catherine had children of her own." When their mother passed away in 2001, their friendship deepened to that of best friends. Catherine says, "We can share all of our thoughts with each other and we talk regularly on the phone." Even though the sisters live just two miles apart, Catherine says, "Our time is limited, so we don't get together as often as we'd like to, but when we do, it is special. We understand each other fully because, well, we're sisters."

All in the family

I don't need girlfriends as long as I have my sisters — we share a bond for eternity.

Gisela Girard is one of four sisters in a family of five siblings, with a brother sandwiched in between. She says, "We were very close growing up and the four of us shared a large bedroom all of our lives. We all lived at home until we married." Though Gisela has had girlfriends throughout her life, her sisters are the best friends that she knows she can always count on. She says, "I always say that my mother and my sisters are my best friends. They know me better than anyone else, they are a part of me. Frankly, I don't need girlfriends as long as I have my sisters — we share a bond for eternity."

Pen pals

Tiffany Kirkham says that she and her sister, who are 14 years apart in age, became best friends when she had moved out of state with her then husband. Sarah was just about 10 years old at the time and she began writing letters to Tiffany. She says, "She poured her heart out to me in those letters. When I divorced and moved home, she said that our friendship would probably be over because she couldn't be that open in person." But Tiffany wouldn't have that. They kept spending time together and Tiffany pried through her "shy little shell." Tiffany says, "Since then, she has lived with me several times, given birth to two of her children in my home and we have started a company together. Now she's 29 and I'm 43, but we talk multiple times, every single day."

Inseparable sisters

Magda Walczak says, "My sister and I did not get along when we were little. I literally stabbed her once (it was an accident —  I was trying to take a knife from her so she wouldn't get hurt, but she still likes to tell people I stabbed her once.). When we were little, our five-year age difference seemed huge. When I got my driver's license and she became a teenager, that's when the difference all of a sudden felt smaller. Now we are 33 and 28 and we're inseparable. We hang out together, we travel together and we share clothes. I honestly can't imagine living away from her."

Bound tightly together

Our shared experiences bound us together more tightly than either of us knew at the time, and it's become a bond that just gets stronger as time passes.

Christy says, "I tolerated my little sister through much of our growing-up years, though we fought a lot. I basically thought she was just a huge pain that I had to deal with and couldn't wait to move out and have my own space without my sister. But when I got my wish the year I moved away to college I was so sad. I realized how much I love Alison, how much we depended on one another, and how much I missed her." Christy says that despite their differences when they were growing up, they were each other's rock through their parents' divorce, stepparents entering their lives and then leaving again and grandparents passing away. She adds, "Our shared experiences bound us together more tightly than either of us knew at the time, and it's become a bond that just gets stronger as time passes."

Raising a baby together

Krista Morley says, "I have never loved or hated anyone as much as my sister, Dana. Growing up, we fought like cats and dogs, literally. We also played and laughed until we wet our pants." Krista says that when Dana got pregnant with her daughter Autumn in the sisters' late teens, she helped her raise her baby. "Our relationship grew from that point on. I helped her raise her daughter, we bought a house together and have been best friends ever since. Now years have passed and things have changed. We are both married, Autumn is graduating from college, I have a 10-year-old son, and we own a growing business together. The only thing that has not changed, is our love and bond."

Baby brought them together

Melina Bland says she and her sister Kara, who is four years older than her, were very different growing up. Kara was the cheerleader and social butterfly while Melina was more of a homebody and tomboy. They became very close in the college years and even ended up graduating with the same majors. After Melina graduated, she moved to New York City, about the same time that Kara got pregnant with her first child. Melina says, "It was so hard being away from my first niece, so I decided to move to Kansas City to be near her. Now, we are best friends and business partners of Edit Communications and live five blocks from each other."

Sister tats

Miranda Holliday and her sister Megan were very different growing up, even though they are just one year apart. When they entered high school, "something clicked," she says and they began enjoying one another for their similarities as well as their differences. Miranda says, "Now that we are adults, there is no one else I would rather spend time with. We've taken sister vacations to Maui and Panama. We have matching tattoos. We plan sister time to literally do nothing together. Our parents always told us that one day we would be best friends, and they were right."

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