Posted: Jun 13, 2014 6:00 AM
Have you noticed that more and more dads are taking over your Instagram feed lately? We love seeing parenthood through the eyes of these dads.
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No need to lay out clothes for this dad before you leave the house — he has it covered. Dad, Pete, uses his Instagram account to style his gorgeous daughter in every single hot kids' brand of the moment. Follow along... you're going to learn some serious style tips from this Instagramming dad.


Meet Aubrey McCoy. Dad of four. Lover of all things Nashville and motorcycles. Husband of a blogger. We love taking a peek into the life of this fun, stylish, creative, sweet family through Aubrey's eyes.


Proving, once again, that creative dads on Instagram are where it's at, Cody, dad of two little ones and designer of the coolest eco-friendly toys and children's furniture you've ever seen, fills his posts with his girls, who inspire his functional, modern creations.


Jamie Grayson, AKA The Baby Guy, who is "dad" to one very angry baby, is a must-follow for so many reasons. Not only will this pseudo-dad keep you up to date with all of the hottest baby and kid-gear out there, but Jamie will crack you up at the same time.


We couldn't help but sneak a celebrity dad onto the list and Bill Rancic, dad of the ever-adorable Duke, had to be the one. His Instagram feed is filled with candid shots of his little guy, who has spent his life in front of the camera, literally having even the story of his conception filmed.


It's always a bonus when professional photographers hop on Instagram and Seattle-based photographer Gabe Rodriguez, gets triple the bonus points for including some pretty amazing shots of everyday life with his three kids in his feed.


You've seen these kids on our list of Instagram favorites before (mom, Andrea, was featured on our must-follow moms list), but you'll see them in a whole new way through the feed of their dad, Jon. The pictures are great, don't get us wrong, but it's this dad's commentary that gets us.


This wouldn't be a complete list without everyone's favorite online dads, Charlie and Andy, from How to be a Dad. With an Instagram feed filled with their best advice on parenting — in its best square, filtered format, of course — these two keep us laughing with every shot.

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