Posted: Jun 20, 2014 9:00 AM
Friendships come in and out of lives in all sorts of ways. Some last only a short time and other lifelong friendships bolster during life's high and low moments. Real moms talk about the friends they appreciate having in their lives.
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Best friendships cross oceans

The four of us were friends in college — two of us have known each other since middle school — but our steadfast support system was cemented over appetizers and awards ceremonies, laughter and tears. We met every Wednesday evening, until families and distance made it impossible. Even with the best intentions, there's no way to jet to China every week. Still, when two of my best friends gave me flowers after my first co-producing/co-director endeavor at Listen to Your Mother Metro Detroit this May, the card was signed from all three of them. Oceans can separate friends physically, but with a solid foundation, emotional attachments can remain strong.

Best friends provide a safety net

Kirsten writes fiction at Kirsten A. Piccini and blogs at The Kir Corner. She says, "Having a best friend, and being chosen as a best friend means that I have a soul mate unlike any other. A place where we are heard, comforted and never judged. Our stories, choices and feelings are valid. It is love that is spiritual instead of physical. And yet offers us a soft — and safe — place to land no matter the circumstance." Kirsten, who just became godmother to the son of one of her best friends, values her female friendships and strives to be the type of friend she appreciates so much.

Best friends can say the hard things

A best friend is someone who gives support when it's needed, but also doesn't pull punches when you need to hear the truth.

Mandy is an author who blogs at In Mandyland. Despite a full-time job, freelance writing deadlines, a novel in rewrites and all of the busy running around that comes with two children, Mandy makes her friendships a priority. Each month, she and her friends take turns hosting Supper Club, a night where they stretch their culinary and conversational muscles — trying anything and talking about everything. Mandy says, "It's someone who knows your bad qualities and still accepts you and loves you. A best friend is someone who gives support when it's needed, but also doesn't pull punches when you need to hear the truth. I think a good friend is a sister of the heart."

Best friends understand your laughter

Mandy adds one more — crucial — element to what she values in her friendships. She says, "I think a good friend is someone who can balance you out a bit, shares a similar sense of humor and doesn't ask questions when you need help." For Mandy, a similar sense of humor can be the difference between a good friend and a great one. That sort of friend understands when you're laughing at something serious or how you use humor in silly, goofy or dark ways to balance what's happening in your life.

Best friends are worth your time

No matter how you're honoring National Best Friend Day, take a few minutes to recognize friendships that mean a lot to you. Best friends, close friends and new friends will all appreciate a quick call or text letting them know they're important in your life.

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