Turn plain paper lanterns into customized decor that celebrates the summer season without spending a lot of dough. Using supplies like die-cut embellishments, tissue paper and fabric scraps, you can whip up these summer paper lantern crafts for your next backyard bash.

allParenting Embellished paper lantern

Embellished paper lantern

A quick way to customize your party decor, you can easily make this a kid-friendly craft, too.


  • Round paper lantern in any color
  • Paper punches
  • Decorative paper
  • Ready-made paper embellishments (alternative to punches and paper)
  • Tacky craft glue


  1. First, punch out a variety of shapes using your paper punch and decorative paper.
  2. Next, expand your lantern and lock it in place so it stays open and round.
  3. Finally, use your hot glue gun to randomly adhere your punched-out shapes onto your lantern and hang your summer craft to jazz up your decor, party or not.

Tip^You can browse the paper embellishment aisle of your favorite craft store and use ready-cut flowers and shapes instead of punching your own.

allParenting Paper lantern blossom

Paper lantern blossom

Almost as beautiful as a real flower in bloom, you can use all of the same color tissue paper or mix it up with different hues depending on what you have on hand.


  • Round paper lantern in any color
  • Colored tissue paper, cut into 5-inch circles
  • Pencil with eraser on the end
  • Tacky craft glue


  1. First, expand your lantern and lock it in place so it stays open and round.
  2. Next, take 1 tissue paper circle in the palm of your hand, place the eraser-end of the pencil in the center of your tissue paper circle, and twist gently until the circle between your thumb and palm becomes a "flowery" shape.
  3. Then, remove the tissue paper from the end of the eraser, pinch the twisted part to help it keep its shape, dip the bottom of the tissue paper circle into craft glue and adhere it to your paper lantern at the top. Press gently until it stays in place.
  4. Now repeat with all of your tissue paper circles, placing them side-by-side on your paper lantern until the entire surface of your lantern is covered.
  5. Finally, hang your DIY decoration somewhere safe to dry and adorn your patio, your daughter's room or your next summer bash.

allParenting Fabric paper lantern party décor

Fabric paper lantern party decor

Before you throw those scraps of fabric away, put those scraps to use with this DIY paper lantern decor.


  • Round paper lantern in any color
  • Fabric scraps
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Self-sticking jewels


  1. First, expand your lantern and lock it in place so it stays open and round.
  2. Next, cut out your fabric shapes, add enough Mod Podge to the back of the fabric cutout to soak it through and gently spread it out with your finger on to the paper lantern. Seal the edges of the fabric with another light coat of Mod Podge on top of your fabric shape, but use a light hand; you don't want to tear your paper lantern when it gets wet.
  3. Finally, add a little sparkle to your paper lantern with self-sticking jewels and once dry, your paper lantern can pretty up any room in which it hangs.

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