You see viral videos of their acts on Facebook from time to time and some of these comedians are household names. We have the scoop on all of these hilarious comedians that you must follow for a good laugh. Get ready for some gut busting.
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Warning: Some of these comedians use explicit language. They're best watched without your kids around, if you know what we mean.

Amy Schumer

A female comedian who is coming up quickly and getting laughs all along the way, Amy Schumer has her own Comedy Central special, "Mostly Sex Stuff," and makes regular appearances on popular TV comedies and talk shows. The best part? She's currently on tour through the end of 2014 — you can find a full tour schedule and buy tickets on her website.

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Find Amy Schumer on Facebook and Twitter.

Jimmy Fallon

Lucky for us, now that Jimmy Fallon has taken over the reins of The Tonight Show, we get a little bit of his comedic genius every weekday. Between his opening monologues, his hilarious thank you note and hashtag segments, his insane celebrity lip sync-offs and the sweet (and funny) stories of being a first-time dad, Jimmy wins us over and keeps us laughing Monday through Friday... and beyond.

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Find Jimmy Fallon on Twitter and via The Tonight Show on Facebook.

Joselyn Hughes

Where DIY meets comedy, we found Jocelyn Hughes. A female comedian who is making a name for herself, quickly, Joselyn hosts a weekly show on YouTube, DIY, Dammit: Quickies, where she pretty much says everything we're always thinking when we try to attempt those impossible crafts we keep finding on Pinterest.

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Find Joselyn Hughes on her website for upcoming tour dates, as well as on Twitter.

Louis C.K.

If you've seen a hilarious viral Facebook post lately with a comedian telling some serious truths about the life of parents, it's likely been Louis C.K. With so many things in the works these days, it's hard to keep up with Louis C.K., so if you catch him on TV or grab a clip online, stick with him and hang on for the ride.

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Find Louis C.K. on Twitter and on his website for updates on his tours and specials.

Tom Papa

For moms who prefer a comedian who makes them laugh, but keeps it on the clean(ish) side, Tom Papa is a good choice. You'll likely recognize him from some of your favorite TV sitcoms and you'll love his comedy about raising a family and being a dad.

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Find Tom Papa on Facebook and Twitter, as well as on his website for updated tour info (he's currently touring).

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