There are a few games that will never go out of style, and by putting a nighttime twist on the classic ring toss game, you know that the party will go on long after the sun's gone down. Find out how to make a nighttime DIY ring toss game by building a reusable stand and snapping a few glow sticks.


  • 7-inch long piece of 2 x 4-inch plywood
  • Hacksaw or other wood cutting tool
  • Plastic candy tube
  • Drill with 1 1/16-inch speed bore bit
  • Standard glow stick
  • Several bracelet-style glow sticks with connectors


allParenting nighttime DIY ring toss game

First, cut a piece of 2 x 4 down to measure 7 inches long with your hacksaw or other wood cutting tool.

Next, find an empty plastic candy tube, often found around Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween or Christmas, and measure the end of your tube to determine the size of the hole you need. In my case, I needed the hole to be 1-1/6 of an inch wide.

Then, use your speed bore bit to create a hole in the center of your wood about an inch deep. There's no need for the hole to go all the way through. Tap out the wood shavings.

allParenting nighttime DIY ring toss game

Now, push your plastic tube into the hole, open end up. It should be a snug fit but you can always reinforce with hot glue if there is any wiggle room.

allParenting nighttime DIY ring toss game

Next, snap glow bracelet sections to activate and fasten 2 lengths together with couplets until you've created as many rings as you need.

Finally, snap a standard size glow stick to activate and drop it into your tube and your nighttime DIY ring toss game is ready for action.

Tip^ Add a little twist to your ring toss game by creating more than one glow stick game stand and position them at different distances.

allParenting nighttime DIY ring toss game

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