School's in for fall and some moms will easily confess that having their kids back in school means they get their freedom back. Catch up on these 20 to-dos now that you're kid free.
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1. Celebrate with your mom friends

First things first... your kids are back in school. Grab your favorite school mom friends and celebrate! Whether it be over coffee at the closest cafe to school grounds or over Champagne at your home, enjoy some kid-free time catching up on everyone's summer adventures.

2. Clear the back-to-school clutter

The first week of school leaves some major clutter in its wake. Now that you're up and running, put those extra school supplies in their proper cupboard, pick up all of the tags that are scattered around the house from your kids' new school clothes and get your house back in order.

3. Fill out the forms

Oh, the forms. The back-to-school forms. Book a date on your calendar to sit with a cup of coffee and fill out all of the forms that have come home with your kids. Get this daunting task off of your to-do list ASAP — there's nothing worse than feeling like you're back in school, too.

4. Wash everything

Because everything needs washing. Their sheets. Every single bathing suit in the house. The shorts that your son has been wearing since school let out in June. Wash everything you can get your hands on.

5. An apple a day

Keeps the doctor away, right? But, we really know that having kids home for summer vacation is what really keeps the doctor away... or you away from the doctor, at least. Make appointments for any doctor visits you might be behind on.

6. Restock and replenish

Hit up your favorite stores and stock up on everything that your kids used up this summer — from snacks to toothpaste to wine. Oh, wait. That wasn't the kids.

7. Goodbye flip-flops

It's one of the hardest parts about going back to school... leaving all of that beloved summer gear behind. While they're at school, pack up the flip-flops and beach towels, getting items that won't last until next summer ready for consignment and tucking items that can be reused next year away for the fall.

8. Planning for fall

Speaking of fall, take some quiet, kid-free time to sit down with your calendar and plan out the next few months, including any appointments, birthdays, weekend trips, soccer games and more.

9. Pick up the phone

If you're like us, talking on the phone with kids at home is practically torture. Now that your house is quiet during the day, pick up the phone and catch up with relatives and friends who you've been missing.

10. A little love for the mom-mobile

Your poor car. It really takes a beating in the summer. Make sure to give it some post-summer love with a good vacuum to get all of that beach sand out and a nice trip to the car wash for a road trip grime removal.

11. From head-to-toe

And, give yourself a little love, too. Be sure to book your fall beauty appointments, including a body scrub or facial to help recover your skin after a summer in the sunshine.

12. Soccer-mom mode

Soccer practices have likely already kicked off for fall, but you may have some prep to do yet. Make sure your car is stocked with rain coats and boots for muddy soccer fields and that your kids have all of the gear they need for the upcoming season. Be sure to pass too-small shin guards and cleats onto other friends.

13. Fall cleaning 101

Moms know that spring cleaning is for the weak. Fall cleaning is where it's at! Now that your kids are out of the house 50 percent of the day, when you scrub those baseboards in the hallway, they'll actually stay that way for more than 18 seconds. Hit the bathrooms, the walls, the floors and the kitchen.

14. Keeping summer memories alive

You took 1,800 pictures this summer. Do something with them. Print some favorites to hang up at home and get the rest made into albums. Don't forget to order an extra copy for Dad to keep at his office and to send to grandparents.

15. Prep for the cold

Depending on where you live, the arrival of fall can mean a big change in the weather. Be sure your house is ready by prepping your furnace and fireplaces, ordering wood for the stove and cleaning quilts and cozy comforters.

16. Beyond back-to-school shopping

The back-to-school sales are good, but the post-back-to-school sales are even better. Think beyond back to school to other clothing items your kids might need in fall or early winter, such as a new warm coat, boots and hats. And, grab an extra pair of those jeans he's been wearing to school every day so far this year... you'll be glad you did in a few months.

17. Re-commission the Crock-Pot

Time for Crock-Pot meals again! Make sure your Crock-Pot or slow cooker is ready to go for fall dinners. And, while you're thinking about it, hit up Pinterest for some new fall recipe ideas.

18. Get in sync

Make a tradition of making a back-to-school date with your spouse to connect on everything fall. Sync your calendars, chat about after-school activity pick-up schedules and look ahead to the weekends so that you can all hit the ground running when school starts.

19. Saying thanks

Think back over your summer and make sure that you've thanked friends and family who hosted you, who helped watch your kids when you were in a bind and who just helped make your summer that much better. Drop them a quick note in the mail to say thanks.

20. Touch base with teachers

Teachers likely don't need to hear from you on the first day of school — nor do they want to, in many cases — but be prepared to meet with them in the first weeks of school to touch base about your kids and their needs, if necessary.

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