The first day of school is filled with tons of emotions for moms, too, but whether you're excited to send the kids back to school or need a little moral support, a little coffee or a mimosa can put a new spin on this hectic day. Also known as Monday Mourning, find out why you should throw a boo hoo breakfast for moms on the first day of school, from toasting to time for yourself to shedding tears in your tea.
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A shoulder to cry on

Especially for first-time kindergarten moms, sending your child off to big-kid school can feel like you ripped your heart out. And, who better to know exactly how you feel than your fellow moms? "I came up with the Monday Mourning party because I was so sad when Parker went to kinder," shares Sissy Maroney of Texas. "I had a shrine to him on the kitchen table. It was sickening. Now I am counting the days until back to school and we still get together. There are always a couple of mamas in mourning in need of a mimosa!" Some PTAs even host these first day of school events, but don't wait for someone else to take the initiative; it can be as easy as setting up a meeting time and day at your local coffee shop. Just remember to bring the tissues.

Celebrate the day

Not every mom is crying when the first day of school rolls around, so toasting to the occasion is definitely in order, even if you still want to call it a boo hoo breakfast. For those moms giving a hearty "yahoo!" to the first day of school, getting together for a continental breakfast and cocktails is fun — and much deserved. "Oh thank goodness! Finally, quiet time!" says Michelle Braverman of California, who looks forward to the quiet time. And, what better way than to spend it celebrating with friends over mimosas? You can even throw in some pastries for good measure before the end-of-day bell rings.

A good excuse for a girls' get together

First-time kindergarten mama or veteran back-to-school mommy, moms really do need to make connections with other moms, even if it isn't as often as you'd like. "Monday Mourning parties for me are a great way to get all the girls together to catch up, find out who has which teacher and mark a day that is both exciting and sad for us as moms," shares Amy Langan of California. If the first day of school feels a tad bit too hectic for a boo hoo party for moms, aim for the second day of school or the first or the second week.

Whether you're crying "boo hoo" or cheering "yahoo" on the first day of school, you should throw your own boo hoo breakfast for moms. But, sharing your tears and cheers with moms going through the same roller coaster of feelings doesn't have to be limited to back-to-school blues; Monday Mourning parties just may be a monthly tradition worth adding to the calendar.

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