Sure, it seems like January should be Self-Improvement Month, but apparently it's September. We all have things we could be doing differently — or bigger goals that need addressing. How about setting a goal for yourself this September? We asked three moms what they planned to work on this month.
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Parenting on her own

Sometimes setting a goal for your parenting self helps you remember what’s truly important in your life. AllParenting writer and mother of two Rebecca Bahret shares her plan for September this year. "At the end of August my husband leaves for a month for military training," she shares. "We've had him home since he returned from Afghanistan in December, so this will be a transition for all of us. My goals for September are to keep my cool with my kids, let the little stuff go and, when I start to feel down, remember that 30 days with a husband who is stateside training is a cake-walk compared to the 276 days we did last year during his overseas, forward-area deployment," she adds.

A personal goal

Some women find a whole new passion when kids come along — which can bring with it a lofty goal. Norine Dworkin-McDaniel, co-creator of the popular illustrated blog Science of Parenthood and mom to Fletcher, 8, shares what’s on her goal sheet for September. "My singular goal at this moment — apart from surviving the last few days until school starts again — is to finish Science of Parenthood’s very first book," she shares. Dworkin-McDaniel and friend Jessica Ziegler created the blog in January 2013. They use math and science concepts and humor to ‘explain’ baffling parenting situations.

"The goal has always been to create an illustrated book from the blog, and with that in mind, we’ve spent the last 20 months cultivating a following for our quirky brand of parenting humor. In July, we signed a book contract with She Writes Press to bring out our book," she says. "Working on Science of Parenthood is the most fun I’ve had working in maybe a decade, largely because Jessica and I make parents laugh every day. And that thrills and tickles me to no end, because really, who needs a laugh more than parents, right?" The Science of Parenthood book is due to hit shelves in November 2015. "Now I just have to finish writing the darn thing," she adds.

A healthier perspective

Sometimes you need to take a step back and see how you veered down a different path before you can regroup. Nichole Beaudry, AllParenting writer, photographer and mother of two, shares her hopes for September this year. "After a summer of sun, hedonism and fun, September will mark a return to healthy eating," she shares. "My whole foods diet went out the window when we traded sweaters for tank tops! It's time to rein things in." She also has hopes for working a bit more personal time into her days. "My other goal is to use my camera for at least 10 minutes each day and push my creative boundaries. With school back in session, I hope to spend a bit of that new-found free time photographing my world, something that brings me so much joy!"

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How about you? What are your plans for Self-Improvement Month?

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