Posted: Mar 29, 2012 10:46 PM
The second trimester is a tricky transitional period when it comes to your baby bump. Let's face it -- you're in that stage when people are afraid if you're pregnant because they wonder if maybe you just haven't dropped your winter hibernation (a.k.a. holiday binging) weight yet. Set the record straight without saying a word with these second trimester fashion ideas.

Rock a frock

Dresses, especially the flowy empire waist and maxi-length styles popular this season, are so forgiving and fashionable -- what's not to love? Dresses can get you through the awkward clothing stages of pregnancy where you're regular clothes are too fitted (that is, your pants will not longer button), but you aren't quite fitting into your maternity pants yet.

Sassy skirts

You can pair a flirty cotton skirt (look for one with an elastic waistband or refer to the section on belly bands) with nearly anything and it'll look cute. Top an A-line or long flowy skirt with a fitted cami and a cropped jean jacket for a darling second-trimester look. Or pair a pencil skirt with a loose top to give your belly some breathing room.

Love you some leggings

God bless the designer who gave leggings their major comeback. They are great for any stage of pregnancy, but are particularly perfect for that odd second trimester time when you sometimes want to cover that bump and sometimes want to show it off. Top capri leggings with a cute tunic and voila -- you are cute, casual and you don't have to reveal you are pregnant yet if you don't want to.

Buy a belly band

Belly bands are useful during all stages of pregnancy and even post-partum. Even if your pants still fit, a belly band offers an additional layer of protection against accidentally showing your booty crack when you bend down. You can wear your regular jeans unbuttoned and unzipped without fear of their coming off with the secure fit of a belly band.

Hug those curves

When you're ready to show off that bump, do it in style with fitted clothing. Nearly every major brand or department store carries a maternity line, so you are bound to find some styles that work for you. There's no need to hide your bump in baggy clothes for in nine months. Work those newfound curves and show everyone you are a hot mama to be!

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