True story: With my first pregnancy, my water broke when I was just shy of 37 weeks.

I had no idea what to do so I stood in the shower, frantically screaming for my peacefully sleeping husband to help me. Equipped with towels and maxi pads (TMI, I know), he sheepishly entered the bathroom and shoved them my way. We called the hospital, scrambled around the house trying to find that list of what to pack for the hospital and then finally drove to the hospital... only to have the nurse tell me I probably just peed a little and that I could probably go back home after a nurse checked to make sure. I didn't pee, BTW. My water really did break, but it turned out we had plenty of time to (and probably should) snarf a breakfast burrito (or something!) before heading into labor and delivery for the next 20 hours. Here, other real moms share with allParenting what they did once their water broke or they went into labor.

Eating^ "I'm from Baltimore where crabs are king! My husband and I attended an Oriole's baseball game and had planned to go eat steamed crabs afterward. I started feeling contractions but didn't say anything because I was really craving those crabs. At the restaurant, I told my husband that I thought I was in labor. He wanted to leave but I wouldn't because I knew I wouldn't be able to eat anything at the hospital -- and I wanted my crabs! I made him stay until I finished eating and had cheesecake for dessert. Then I headed to the hospital!" -- Ann

BIKING^ "I was due with my first baby on June 29, 2009. It was July
 4 and no sign of baby. Since it was a beautiful day in Reno, Matt and I 
decided to go on a bike ride. We rode approximately 12 miles round trip. As we started our ride home, I kept stopping to use the bathroom, thinking, "Why do I keep peeing my pants?" My water had broken along the ride, but it didn't dawn on me. We went to a BBQ, I had a huge dinner and approximately 12 hours after my water broke, I checked into the
 hospital!" -- Vanessa

Shopping^ "I have to admit that it's not my proudest moment, but when I was exactly four weeks from my due date, and on my very first day of maternity leave, I
 started leaking water. I knew that I was supposed to call my doctor, but I 
had tons of stuff to do. I was really looking forward to a little 'me' time
 before the big event and it was my first day! So, I rummaged through my gym
bag and found an old maxi-pad, stuck it in my underwear and went shopping. I 
had no cramps at all so I felt just fine. Also, I noticed that if I didn't
 lean forward too often, hardly any leaked out at all. If I even had cramps, I
 would have gone in. Without pain, it just didn't seem real." -- Laura

Sleeping^ "Baby number one alerted me of her impending arrival during the worst Minnesota winter storm of 1982. I was outside helping shovel out cars stuck in the as-yet unplowed alley when I felt my first labor pains and was unsure of what was happening. A wonderful neighbor (and doctor’s wife) informed me that I was probably going into labor and gave me the best advice ever -- to go back inside and take a nap as it would most likely be the last sleep I got for quite a while. She was right. By the time I was ready to go to the hospital hours later, the plows had been through." -- Liz

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