Posted: Jan 06, 2013 11:12 PM
If you have morning sickness like I had morning sickness, you probably want to throw that bag of crackers in someone's face. Here are tips from the morning sickness trenches before it goes away.

“Morning” sickness? What a joke. Try being so nauseous all day, every day, that once I finally threw up I wanted to throw a party. But I couldn’t because I was too busy being nauseous and throwing up.

I was miserable. All day long -- have I mentioned that?

I was miserable. All day long -- have I mentioned that? Friends and family suggested I drink ginger ale, eat crackers and guaranteed I’d wake up one morning 12 weeks pregnant and my morning sickness would magically disappear. Ginger ale made me belch, crackers taste like cardboard and, um, I didn’t stop throwing up until well into my sixth month.

Looking back on my morning sickness journey -- to the toilet -- there were some funny moments. Like getting tired of pulling over while driving to work in the morning so I tied disposable grocery bags to my steering wheel. What? It got the job done, and I threw the bags away in the company parking lot as soon as I parked my car. Or the time I got really sick before meeting my husband at a restaurant for dinner. He asked if I was OK. I replied, "yes, can we order some nachos with extra jalapenos now?"

If you have morning sickness like I had morning sickness, then here are some tips to try and feel better.

Morning sickness tips

Eat and drink regularly

OK, this morning sickness tip pretty much contradicts what I just wrote, but it's been known to work. Granted, nachos with extra jalapenos probably aren't the wisest choice, but small meals or snacks, especially with some protein -- like a spoonful of peanut butter or small slice of cheese -- have been known to help. And, hey, if you throw it up later, just try again. Keep drinking plenty of fluids -- water, juices, non-caffeinated herbal tea. Ginger -- in the form of tea or chews -- has been known to help.

Pressure points

Press down on the spot just beneath the palm of your hand connected to your wrist. Or try anti-nausea bands -- bracelets that put consistent pressure on the point. You can usually find these at the drugstore or travel stores since they're used a lot for motion sickness, too.


We don't know for sure what causes morning sickness, but if you're stressed out or have a lot of anxiety, it could be making you feel worse. Try to take some time to relax daily -- deep breaths, massage or extra rest.

This, too, shall pass

As annoyed as I was at the people who would tell me morning sickness would go away, guess what? It's true. One day you will wake up and feel better. If, however, you have severe morning sickness, talk to your healthcare provider. You may have hyperemesis gravidarum, which could lead to dehydration and weight-loss. In that case, medical intervention, such as IV fluids or even special medication, may be needed.

Feel better soon!

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