Posted: Apr 19, 2012 5:00 PM
Let's face it, it's easy to make your pregnancy all about you and your baby. But dad needs to fit in somewhere, too. From taking him to the birthing classes to putting him in charge at the hospital, read on for ways to involve your hubby in the next nine months.

Take him to the classes

Whether it's a birthing class or a breast feeding class, invite him to be there. It's easy to leave him out because you might assume that he wouldn't be interested in a class about how to nurse, but you might be surprised. Learning along side you can be a way not only for him to feel more connected to the pregnancy, but also more connected to you. Plus, most dads feel very helpless during the pregnancy, so anytime you can give them a way to contribute, you should.

Make him the hunter and gatherer

It's in his blood. Since the beginning of time, man has gone out into the wild to hunt the prey and bring it home to his family. So don't feel bad about asking him to run out at all hours to get you the food that you're craving. Or if you have a panic attack and worry that the nursery isn't stocked with enough diapers, don't feel guilty about asking him to go buy more. He'll jump at the opportunity to help you (or perhaps get out of the house if you're particularly hormonal!).

Ask him what he wants

Yes, what he wants. Believe it or not, as the baby's father, he might have strong opinions about certain things that will affect your future son or daughter. Maybe he doesn't want the baby to sleep in your room or maybe he does. Perhaps he's concerned about the baby's nursery getting too hot and wants to have the furnace checked. Whatever it is, asking him about it and having a discussion where he feels like he's being heard is critical. In the end, though, he'll hopefully understand that you have the right the right to pull the "pregnancy card" and veto it.

Get him some guy gear

From daddy diaper bags to diaper vests, there's a lot of great dad gear out there. Surprising him with some of these masculine items will make him feel more comfortable. Plus, you can't really blame him if he doesn't want to throw a bright pink diaper bag over his shoulder while he's out in public.

Put him in charge at the hospital

When you go into labor, the last thing you want to be thinking about is how you're going to alert the family that your little one is on his way or the logistics of getting your mom on the next flight out. Leave these things up to your hubby. Sit down with him and come up with a list of things that he should be in charge of on the big day. It will put your mind (and his) at ease. The last thing he wants to be doing is sitting around at the hospital.

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