Although most women can still travel safely while pregnant, the likelihood that you'll want to sport a bikini on the beaches of Hawaii when you're 32-weeks pregnant is pretty slim, right? Go on one last big vacation with your sweetheart before you get pregnant... a baby moon!

What is a baby moon?

Just like pies are the new cupcakes and turquoise is the new black, baby moons are the new honeymoons. More and more couples are planning one last big vacation before they try to get pregnant -- some time together before vacation means car seats and portable cribs and air travel with a screaming, bored infant. Look at it as a chance to have one last blowout vacation before you become parents. We're not saying that your life will end and that this is your last vacation forever, but we're pretty sure that going backpacking through Peru will be less likely when you have a little one at home.

Why you should take one before you get pregnant

Baby moons actually can mean a couple of different things -- some couples choose to go on a baby moon after they get pregnant, just before their baby is born -- a time to get in some last minute relaxation and time as a couple before leaping into the world of parenthood.

However, we suggest taking your baby moon before you conceive. Pregnancy is so unpredictable and it's hard to know what unexpected health issues you may develop or how comfortable you'll be during your pregnancy (especially if it's your first), so planning a once-in-a-lifetime vacation during that time could be risky. Go before you're pregnant and eliminate those concerns... plus, you won't have to sport a bikini at the pool when you're 30-weeks pregnant and carrying 30 extra pounds!

Now, let's talk destination

In all honesty, destination doesn't matter much when you're planning a baby moon. However, considering this could be your last big vacation before you get pregnant, a "go big or go home" attitude could go a long way with a baby moon. Take that crazy trip you've both been dreaming of since you got married or head to a part of the world you've never been and explore it until your legs won't take you any further.

A baby moon can also be as simple as planning a weekend away together at your favorite close-to-home destination or even somewhere in your own city. As long as the key ingredients are uninterrupted time together and a chance to do whatever you want to do, go for it and make your baby moon your own!

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