Posted: Apr 19, 2012 9:58 AM
You're pregnant! Now what? Follow this first trimester to-do check list to help you feel organized -- from scheduling your first doctor appointment to starting to think about what room will be the nursery at home.

Find an obstetrician or midwife you love

First things first: You're going to need someone to take care of you during your pregnancy. And no matter which route you take -- obstetrician or midwife -- you're going to want to call to make your first appointment as soon as you find out you are expecting. Some offices like to see you right away to verify your pregnancy, especially if it's your first pregnancy, and some offices prefer that you wait until you are closer to the end of your first trimester to come in. Either way, get that appointment on the books or do some interviewing with potential caregivers to find your perfect match.

Tell your nearest and dearest you're expecting

Or, at least make the plans to make that big announcement for when you reach the end of your first trimester. When to announce your pregnancy is a very personal decision and it can also be a lot of fun. Try surprising your family and friends with an early ultrasound picture in the mail or by taking some creative photographs that you can email to those closest to you (before posting them on Facebook, of course!).

Check on your health insurance regarding prenatal care

Every health insurance plan differs when it comes to pre-natal care and, in some cases, that care is even much different from your current day-to-day health insurance care. It's best to get on the phone with your health insurance carrier and clarify all of the details. From there, you'll be prepared to go to your first doctor appointment armed with knowledge about what is covered and what isn't. Nobody likes surprises when it comes to medical bills... especially pregnant women!

Start taking prenatal vitamins

If your doctor doesn't want to see you right away, call the nurse line at the office and ask what kind of prenatal vitamins you should be taking in the meantime. Sometimes, they will put in a prescription for you to pick up or they will recommend a brand that you can pick up at your local drugstore.

Think about your baby's nursery

You have nine full months to think about your baby's nursery and, trust us, you'll obsess about it before long! But even the first trimester isn't too early to start thinking about what you'll need for baby and what changes or rearrangements you might need to make in your home to make it baby-friendly. Maybe you want to install some soft carpet in the living room before baby arrives -- think about those things now rather than three weeks before your due date!

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