You'll reach the halfway mark in your pregnancy during this trimester and things will start going quickly now! On the second trimester's to-do list: Start your baby registry and sign up for childbirth classes!

Register for all those baby goodies

It's time! Grab your closest friend and hit your favorite baby stores to get that baby registry going! Registering is a bit of a process, so take your time and don't get overwhelmed. Register for the big stuff first -- any furniture you may need, that stroller you've had your eye on and a car seat -- and then fill in the smaller items over the next few months. At many stores, items come in and out of season quickly, so keep a close eye on your registry to make sure items aren't discontinued or out of stock as your baby shower gets closer.

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Let your friends go crazy on your baby shower planning

Once you're registered, you can give your friends and family members, who are no doubt chomping at the bit, the green light to begin planning your baby shower. We suggest a date near the end of your second trimester so that you'll have plenty of time before baby arrives to fill in any baby registry holes after you've been showered with gifts!

Register for childbirth classes

Most childbirth classes are run through the hospital where you'll be delivering or a local community or technical college. Ask your doctor about your childbirth class choices -- many couples prefer doing a weekend-long, intensive childbirth course instead of a longer, once-a-week commitment. Both are good choices for first time parents. Beyond learning a lot about what to expect towards the end of your pregnancy and during labor and delivery of your baby, you'll also get the chance to bond with couples who are just as far along as you are!

Order any major furniture pieces for the nursery

Just like all major furniture purchases, your nursery furniture may take six to eight weeks to arrive, which means you need to place your order now. In a time crunch towards the end of your second trimester? Try going to the store and ordering the pieces in person and lay on a little pregnancy sweetness to see if they can rush that order a bit. After all, who can say no to a pregnant lady?

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Let your employer know your post-baby plans

Once you've announced your pregnancy, it's best to have an open discussion with your employer about your post-birth working plans. Are you going to take an extended maternity leave? Is that maternity leave paid? Will you be returning to work after the baby is born? Do you plan on working up until your due date or will you be leaving a bit earlier? These are important points that need to be considered around this time in your pregnancy.

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