Posted: Aug 24, 2012 10:00 AM
Anybody can Google travel tips for pregnancy, but actually finding out the "Oh man, wish I had known that!" details from Real Moms can be a little bit trickier. So, we've asked moms that know what they know, and compiled a list just for you. This way, the only bump you have to deal in traveling is the one on your belly.

First of all, let's just state the most important: Most airlines don't allow women to fly past their 32 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. So, we wouldn't suggest booking that trip to Bora Bora at the end of your third trimester, unless you want to potentially deliver there. And that's if you even get past those strict TSA agents in the first place. (Aren't they fun?)

Ask for an aisle seat

You'll be needing to pee and stretch often! (And by often, we mean every 5 to 10 minutes!) -Betsy Ryerson

Stay super hydrated!

Bring an empty bottle of water and fill it up constantly! Ending up in the hospital with contractions is worse than using an airplane bathroom. -Alana Marie

Since a due date is only an estimate, check your insurance

You can purchase traveler's insurance if yours is not available at your destination. Be careful eating different foods that you are not used to -- so bring healthy snacks. Pack comfortable shoes, as you will be walking more than usual, in most cases. On a personal note: Take fabulous pics of you and your baby belly on vacation -- you will enjoy it in the later years. -Holly Zepp

Rest, rest, rest

This is your time to vacation and enjoy your time before the baby comes, and believe us, there won't be too much time for resting post baby. Have fun most definitely but schedule in some down time and enjoy the view. -Summer Saldana

Wear comfortable clothing

Whether traveling on an airplane, train or car, while pregnant those spaces can feel extra small and cramped. So be sure to dress comfortably, so you have one less annoying feeling to experience. -Marisa Salzman

Don't wear tight shoes on an airplane

Or anywhere hot really. And if you do, don't take them off. You might not be able to get them back on. I might know someone who was trying to be fashionable instead of practical and ended up barefoot instead of cute. -Jennifer Peterson


Pillows are a pregnant woman's best friend. Don't be embarrassed to bring your favorite one and get situated. Right now, until this baby comes, it's all about you, and everyone knows it. -Summer Saldana

Take zip lock bags

Just in case you get sick and can't make it to the bathroom. -Heather Kerr

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