Posted: Nov 20, 2012 10:00 AM
If you're about to pop, handling the Thanksgiving holiday can feel like a major feat. From dressing for style (but mainly comfort) to nibbling your way through your holiday meal, our tips will have you feeling extra grateful this T-day.

Wear loose fitting clothing

Ban anything super restricting or body hugging on Thanksgiving Day. You want to feel (and look) your best without having to pull and tug on too-tight waistbands all night. Choose a cute tunic that caresses the silhouette of your bump without revealing every curve. Pair it with a pair of leggings and voila — comfort without sacrificing style.

Don't stuff yourself like Tom the turkey

As you near the end of your pregnancy, your belly tends to take over your body, which can make eating full meals rather uncomfortable. Instead of piling your plate high with filling foods, like mashed potatoes and gravy, nosh on the items from the crudités platter, along with a slice of lean turkey breast. When dessert time comes, opt for a small sliver of pie. Eating smaller meals can reduce heartburn and gas pains as well.

Stave off heartburn

Speaking of heartburn, aside from not overstuffing yourself, reduce it by avoiding spicy, greasy or fried foods (no fried turkey for you this year!), as well as acidic foods like citrus and tomato and carbonated beverages.

Rumor has it that papaya is a great way to naturally sooth heartburn. So make sure your Thanksgiving feast has a tropical twist this year!

Stay off your feet

Take a break from mingling around your Thanksgiving get-together to elevate your tootsies for a little bit. When sitting down, avoid crossing your legs and stay hydrated throughout the day to alleviate swelling as well. If you've been experiencing severe swelling, talk to your doctor about prescription compression stockings which can help reduce swelling as well. Once all your T-day guests have said goodnight, convince your partner to give you a much-deserved foot rub to soothe that swelling.

Stand up straight

Standing tall can help elongate your torso, giving your baby bump (and everything else such as those all-important lungs!) some breathing room. Sneak away from guests for a moment to stretch and arch your back throughout the night.

Don't hold it

As silly as it sounds, take frequent potty breaks. (Okay, you may not be a mom yet but once you become one, the restroom automatically becomes the potty, so don't judge.) But back to the point: Holding it can get uncomfortable fast, especially for a woman in her final stages of pregnancy. So excuse yourself to do the deed... often.

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