Posted: Dec 14, 2012 9:00 AM
Those standard issue hospital gowns are just so, well, boring. And, considering having a baby is one of the most exciting moments of your life, there's no shame in wanting to look and feel good when you're giving birth. Thankfully, there are other moms who feel the same way and have glammed up hospital gowns for exactly this purpose!

Annie & Isabel

Price: $68

Annie birth gown

Delivery Kaftan

PRICE: $32

Kaftan birth gown

If any two women were meant to design a better hospital gown for giving birth, it had to be sisters, Anna and Selena. They are the founders of Annie & Isabel, who are both nurses and mothers themselves. The gowns they've designed give new moms the ability to ditch those annoying, itchy, never-fit-right hospital gowns. They also cover all of the medically necessary bases for while you're in labor — keeping moms' backsides covered while taking those dreaded "get the contractions going" walks in the hospital hallways and snap-down shoulders for easy access for belly checks and post-delivery nursing. What we love most about the Annie & Isabel hospital downs is that they come in six different sizes, including gowns that will fit petite moms and plus-size moms. (Pictured: The Annie)

For a birthing gown that is custom-made to fit your personality, birthing preferences and even your height, check out Etsy designer, ComfyClothing — who will make you the Delivery Kaftan of your dreams. But, don't lose sight of the thoughtful details amongst all the pretty fabric choices! The gowns snap all the way down the back, as well as down both arms, making it as easy as possible to cover up or open up any part of the gown you'd like. And, we love the simple drawstring around the waist to cinch up the gown around your belly pre- and post-labor... And for those pictures that your mom is sure to put all over her Facebook page. (Pictured: Delivery Kaftan)

Pretty Pushers

Price: $24-28

Birth gown

A birthing gown that is both practical and fun, Pretty Pushers took every aspect of your labor into consideration when creating their design. Super soft material that won't drive you crazy when you're mid-contraction? Check! Halter neckline that's easy to slip on and off, as necessary? Check! Tie-front opening at your belly for in utero baby monitors? Check! Low-cut back for the epidural that you've been begging for since you were 2-centimeters? Check! Pretty Pushers were designed to be a one-time use gown. Use it for your birthing experience and toss it when you're done. Their mission is to "modernize your labor" and these gowns are certainly far from traditional! (Pictured: Original Solid Delivery Gown in Pink, $24-28)

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