Posted: Jan 06, 2013 8:20 PM
We've all heard the jokes about pickles and ice cream, but what do pregnant moms really crave? Turns out, no two moms crave quite the same. We got the lowdown from some of our favorite moms on what they craved while pregnant... and how they feel about those same foods now.

We've all heard that bag of potato chips calling our name from inside the pantry. Cravings for a specific food affect everyone, but when you're pregnant those cravings can be intense... and odd. Check out what these allParenting writers craved.

gummy worms

Sweet treats

Rachel Voorhees shares, "I craved bagels and cream cheese when I was pregnant with my daughter and salads when I was pregnant with my son. I also had a craving for chocolate malted crunch ice cream, deliciously sweet with a little salty crunch! And of course, I craved, or shall I say missed, wine!"

Angela Amman still enjoys the foods she craved. "I had crazy cravings for pineapple and really sharp cheeses like sharp Cheddar or delicious Asiago — sometimes with a little bit of honey. I still love those things, and now I want to have a fruit, cheese and bread night for dinner!"

Molly Smith remembers her cravings well. "I craved sugary candy like Sprees and sour gummy worms and ate them like they were going out of style. However, I still love sugary candy (but don't allow myself to have it as much) so I just let myself indulge in the craving since I was pregnant."

Jennifer Chidester has an interesting combination of cravings. "Chocolate chip cookies and steak. Not necessarily together, but I certainly wouldn't have been opposed to that! I don't obsess over steak anymore, but to this day I can't pass up a chocolate chip cookie!"

Italian hoagie

Salty snacks, anyone?

Sarah W. Caron shares, "With my son, I craved all things vinegary: sauerkraut, pickled cabbage and beets, pickles (and I ate them daily). I may or may not have used a fork to eat such things directly from jars whilst standing at an open fridge. These days, I still eat all these things... but it's not a daily thing or even a weekly or monthly thing."

Molly Smith didn't just crave the sweets. "One thing I adored during my second pregnancy was a huge Italian hoagie stuffed with forbidden deli meats, mayo (which I never eat now), oils and cheeses. I would get the foot long at the Chicago-Italian deli in our neighborhood and devour it... no problem. Gotta love those pregnancy indulgences!"


Unexpected cravings

Nichole Beaudry was surprised by what she craved. "With my daughter, I craved canned corn and ketchup, fortunately, not at the same time! The canned corn craving went away with delivery (thank goodness!), but I'm still a pretty big fan of ketchup. When pregnant with my son, I ate salsa by the bowlful! I still love it and I'm happy to say, so does he."

Katie Kavulla has no problem remembering her biggest craving. "Oh my goodness — I can answer without even thinking about it — tuna fish sandwiches on toast from the little sandwich shop up the street from my office. I allowed myself one a week! I still love them, but not in the way I craved them when I was pregnant. And, sadly, that little sandwich shop has gone out of business since."

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