Posted: Dec 25, 2012 9:00 AM
From Noel to Nicholas, we love Christmas inspired baby names! Whether you are expecting a baby in the month of December or just love this festive time of the year, you are sure to feel jolly when looking at our baby girl names and baby boy names inspired by Christmas.

You may be surprised how many great baby names are inspired by Christmas. Before you imagine a little Santa and Rudolph running around, rest assured there are great names that aren't quite that out there, including Holly and Emmanuel. Whether you are searching for a spiritual name or a name that captures the festive nature of the season, have fun unwrapping these great baby names for girls and boys.

Festive holiday baby names

Let's start with the most obvious baby name inspired by the season Christmas! This is an English name that is derived from the name of the Christian festival that can be given to a boy or a girl. If that name seems a bit too obvious, you could also consider Christa for a girl or Christian for a boy.

Winter is another great unisex baby that captures the season of Christmas. Nicole Richie used this as a middle name for her daughter Harlow Winter Kate.

Want more ideas? We love the following names inspired by the holiday:

For girls

  • Holly
  • Ivy
  • Carol
  • December
  • Star or Starr

For boys

  • Nicholas
  • Christopher
  • Balthazar (one of the Three Wise Men)
  • Caspar (one of the Three Wise Men)
  • Melchior (one of the Three Wise Men)

Spiritual Christmas names

If you want to give your child a spiritual name after the story of Christmas, perhaps one of these biblical names are just right for you.

Mary and Joseph are both classic names that never go out of style and have been a popular choice for parents for many years.

For more options, check out the following:

For girls

  • Glory
  • Noel or Noelle
  • Miriam
  • North
  • Joy

For boys

  • Moses
  • Emmanuel
  • Aaron
  • Gabriel
  • Jasper

Baby names with Christmas meanings

If you looking for a name that has a wonderful Christmas-inspired meaning, perhaps the following names are the perfect fit.

  • Noella: French baby girl name that means Christmas
  • Natala: Italian name meaning born at Christmas
  • Hollie: English name meaning the holly tree
  • Tashia: Russian name meaning born at Christmas
  • Christy: Scottish name meaning Christian
  • Marvella: French name meaning miracle
  • Micaela: English name meaning gift from God
  • Yul: English boy name meaning born at Christmas
  • Clement: After Clement Moore, writer of Twas the Night Before Christmas
  • Cristiano: Spanish boy name meaning Christian
  • Paul: English boy name after the Biblical apostle in the New Testament
  • Asher: Boy name meaning blessing
  • Serafim: Hebrew name meaning an angel-like being
  • Theodore: Boy name meaning gift

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