Maybe you don't want to be the center of attention or maybe you would rather celebrate the pending arrival of your little one in a different way. No matter the reason, it's okay to not want to have a baby shower.

Know for sure before you say no

Before you swear off a baby shower, consider the real reason why you don't want to have one. Do you get embarrassed being in the spotlight? Does it make you uncomfortable when people gift you? Does playing those silly bottle and diaper games make you cringe and shutter?

Whatever the reasons, make sure they are ones that you are truly adamant about and that you won't regret your decision to not have a baby shower in the future.

Be kind yet firm

The first thing loved ones are going to do when you tell them you don't want a baby shower is to try to convince you otherwise. It's not that they don't respect your decision — it's simply that they love you, are excited to celebrate your baby-on-the-way and want to spoil you with a shower.

Despite their efforts to persuade you, express your gratitude and appreciation for the offer but stand your ground.

Have it your way

In lieu of an over-the-top baby shower, consider the type of baby-on-the-way celebration that does appeal to you. Perhaps a simple lunch or tea with your mom and sister followed by power shopping for all things baby is enough for you to consider a “shower.”

More fun non-baby shower ideas to consider^

  • To take the spotlight off of yourself, invite your other expectant girlfriends — as well as friends with kids — over for mocktails then dish about the good, bad and ugly parts of pregnancy and motherhood.
  • If you don't want people to buy you gifts, consider asking them to donate an old baby book from their personal collection to start your baby-on-the-way's little library.
  • Ask your loved ones to write down their best piece of parenting advice then compile them in a pretty memory book that you can reference once baby arrives!
  • Make a cast mold of your baby bump to remember your pregnancy forever. Click here for how-to tips >>
  • Have a professional photographer take pregnancy pictures of your bump in various stages of your pregnancy. (Hint: Around 32 weeks is an ideal time for those perfect round belly photos!)
  • Get together with family and friends to make meals you can freeze and reheat when you're too busy with baby to cook. Click here for recipes >>
  • Ditch the overwhelming baby shower crowd in favor of an intimate babymoon getaway with your honey before the baby arrives.

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