Despite its name, morning sickness doesn't always go away once the clock turns to noon. Many pregnant women experience nausea and other symptoms the whole day through. If you’re one of those women, manage your symptoms with tips from real moms who have suffered through it, too.

Eat every hour or two

You may not feel like starting your day with something to eat if you're fearful that it might just come back up, but both real moms and experts agree that eating periodically throughout the day can help ease morning sickness.

Don't wait for hunger to strike; eat small snacks throughout the day to ensure you don't give morning sickness a chance to strike.

Jada Shapiro, co-director of Birth Day Presence in New York advises, "Eating every two hours, whether hungry or not, often significantly helps lessen the feeling of 'morning' sickness."

Liz Sagaser, marketing and PR coordinator with MOPS International and mom of two, managed all day morning sickness throughout her entire second pregnancy by becoming a "dedicated clock-watcher," to make sure she ate, even just a few bites, of something every hour on the hour.

She added, "Don't wait for hunger to strike; eat small snacks throughout the day to ensure you don't give morning sickness a chance to strike."

Slap on a Psi BandPsi bands

After starting your day with a small meal, give a drug-free Psi Band a try. These FDA-approved acupressure wristbands, which are available at drug stores for around $15, were created and designed by Romy Taormina, who suffered "debilitating nausea during both of my pregnancies."

Psi bands are designed for comfort, style and practicality. They are waterproof so you can wear them in the shower or when washing dishes.

Practice the art of distraction

Next, try to soothe your morning sickness with a little distraction. Hilary K. Riedemann, a Virginia mom with two kids, experienced all day and all night morning sickness with both her kids — the second for her entire pregnancy.

She revealed her deal-with-it tip was "distracting myself with work, movies, visiting friends or even going on a walk. Being outside in the fresh air was a huge help. Even going for a drive to get out of my regular routine was very helpful."

Get yourself some ginger

After some distracting activities, take time out for a ginger break. Kathy Steck, mother of two girls, said, "Ginger got me through the nausea I felt from morning to night. I drank ginger tea and took ginger pills. It's a natural anti-nausea herb. I use it to this day for my kids when they are feeling sick."ginger

She added, "You can also get ginger syrup and mix it with seltzer or Pellegrino, and, of course, there's Ginger Ale or Vernors."

Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, MD, MPH, a radiation oncologist and mom of four, agrees ginger is great for combating nausea. She advises to suck on "ginger sucking candy — the ginger root is a powerful anti-emetic [and] a little sweetness also cuts the nausea."

Call your doctor

Joanne Samuel Goldblum, executive director of National Diaper Bank and mom of three who suffered with hyperemesis during each of her pregnancies, advises you check with your doctor to make sure that you don't need medical attention.

She said, "Tell your OB so they can check to make sure you are not producing ketones. If you are, you will need IV fluids."

Prop up the pillows

When it's time to snuggle in for a snooze, prop up some pillows. Christy Cook, president of Teach My, revealed, "I know this sounds crazy but I had all day and all night morning sickness so bad that I had to sleep sitting up!"

Her other trick to get through the morning sickness? Salt and vinegar potato chips. But we suggest you keep those out of the bedroom!

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