Pregnancy literally changes your body from the top of your head all the way down to your toes (have you seen the way those babies swell?!) and we have a guide that will explain it all. Or, at least enough to ease your mind!

Let's start at the top and work our way down!

Woman long, shiny hairHair

We're thankful that we get to start with one of the best changes in pregnancy — our hair! For most women, pregnant hair is the hair that they've always dreamed of. Thanks to the big impact of your pre-natal vitamins, your hair will likely be more luxurious than usual and will grow much quicker. But, mama beware! All of those pretty locks will start to go away after you have your baby, so enjoy it while you can!


While you're obviously seeing life through the eyes of a mama-to-be now, there could be other changes in your vision during pregnancy. From eyes that feel like they're "bugging" you more than usual to actual changes to your eyes due to the water that you're now retaining during pregnancy, these symptoms are all temporary (whew!), but worth keeping an eye on (pun intended!). If you already wear contacts or glasses to correct your vision, keep in touch with your eye doctor if you feel like you need a slight bump in your prescription.


woman's nose close-up

Feeling like you're always stuffed up or on the verge of a cold? It's likely that your pregnant body is playing tricks on you! Just like the rest of your body, your sinuses are swollen, and add a dose of pregnancy hormones and some women can experience congestion for their entire pregnancy. Be sure to chat with your doctor before you pop your usual sinus congestion relief medicine to make sure it's safe during pregnancy.


They call it the "pregnant glow" for a reason. Your body is working overtime now that you're pregnant and (insert a big whomp-whomp sound here) your skin is suffering because of it. Fight preggo-acne by finding a gentle cleanser that you can use to keep fresh during the day, as well as a lightweight moisturizer that will battle any dry spots. Kick your skin care routine back to the days of being a teenager — be sure to wash well before bedtime, make sure you remove all of your makeup each night, change your pillowcases often and keep your hands off of your face.


We highly suggest making a dentist appointment before you get pregnant because if there are any lingering cavities, you could be in some serious pain once you conceive, especially since having dental work done during pregnancy can be tricky. Ouch! Many women experience bleeding and sore gums during pregnancy, both of which are normal symptoms and typically nothing to worry about.pregnant woman holding breasts and belly


Sometimes, your breasts are the first ones to know that you're pregnant. And, oftentimes, they're more accurate in predicting whether you're pregnant than those oh-so-unpredictable pee-on-a-stick tests. As your body and your baby grow, so will your breasts. They will also likely become more sensitive than normal. Invest in some comfortable bras that can carry you through your pregnancy — you (and your boobs!) will thank us.


There's no doubt that your body is growing and if there is one place that's taking the extra growth, it's your joints. From the loosening of your hip joints in preparation for childbirth to the extra weight that your knees and ankles are holding, your joints sometimes suffer in silence. Be sure to take good care of them by trading in your heels for comfy, cushy flats... at least now and again!


woman rubbing feetSadly, it's not an old wives' tale that when women are pregnant, their feet grow. In fact, we've heard real-life stories of women who have had to ditch entire closets full of shoes, post-pregnancy, because their feet grew a size (or more!). Once you're pregnant, it's easy to see how this can happen, as your feet are the base of your entire preggo, newly shaped, semi-unstable body. Oh wait, it gets better. Every woman seems to encounter a bit of foot swelling during pregnancy, typically during her third trimester. Be sure to drink lots of water to keep the fluids flushing through your body... and kick those tired feet up once in a while! Preferably while your husband gives you a foot rub!

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