Ghosts, goblins, witches oh my! Searching for a name inspired by the holiday? You've landed in the right spooky spot. Check out these boy and girl names that draw from the spirit of Halloween.

Boy names

  • Casper. Does the image of a friendly little ghost float into mind? Cute or macabre? Certainly your Casper will be the nicest ghoul in town.
  • Chucky. An ax-wielding, animated killer doll gives this name its shudder factor.
  • Damien. Sounds a little like you're saying demon, eh? This name is best known as the one given to the antichrist in the The Omen series.
  • Draco. Latin for dragon, a little Draco running around would surely be a fiery addition to your family.
  • Franky. Short for Frankenstein of course — that unfortunate, though lovable, scientific experiment gone awry.
  • Freddy. Doesn't have to be a nightmare of a name! Perhaps your Freddy will be sweet rather than vengeful. Maybe your Freddy will don a fedora, but forget about that ugly metal-clawed glove.
  • Herman. Most commonly associated with the fictional character from the hit 1960s sitcom, The Munsters, Herman is German for army man — a strong name for your little munster to be.
  • Merlin. Harken back to the days of Arthurian Legend with this wizardly name.
  • Poe. As in, Edgar Allan. Give tribute to a great American author and poet known best for his grisly, gruesome detective tales.
  • Wolf. Could double dip into nature-inspired names for the season. Werewolves are a long-standing part of the gothic horror genre. Howl at the moon with your own wee Wolfie.

Girl names

  • Belladonna. Or perhaps just Bella? Or Donna? Together though, these names make a powerful concoction. Of the botanical variety, belladonna is a nightshade, and a deadly one at that. Beware, it's poison!
  • Carrie. Shower scene. Bloody prom night. Telekinetic teenager. Classic.
  • Clarice. Since 2008 Claire has ranked within the top 50 most popular girl names. Why not consider its close cousin Clarice? The ability to track serial killers may well be in your Clarice's future.
  • Luna. It might also be the name of a women's nutrition bar, but Luna still packs a punch. Latin for moon and the name of a Roman goddess, Luna is both mystical and alluring.
  • Sabrina. That bubbly, vivacious, sweet and helpful teenage witch. All in all a good witch, if you will. Sabrina is pure magic.
  • Salem. Even though this city's name may call to mind notorious condemnation, mass hysteria and witches everywhere, it sort of has a ring to it! With other popular city names cropping up (think Brooklyn, Dallas, Austin, Camden) Salem can hold its own.
  • Raven. As the black bird featured in the famous narrative poem by Edgar Allan Poe, Raven connotes both musicality and supernatural elements. A standout choice for your Halloween girl.
  • Regan. If you can see past the head-spinning, vomit-spewing, speaking-in-tongues association with this girl name, Regan could be a real winner — sans necessary exorcism.
  • Rune. A set of characters in an ancient alphabet that predates even Latin? Rune is grounded and ancient. A name steeped in mystery and magic just like your babe to be.
  • Tabitha. Best known as the daughter of Samantha and Darrin Stephens from the 1970s show Bewitched. Your own sweet Tabitha might twitch her nose to cast her spells just like her television counterpart.

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