Posted: Nov 05, 2013 7:00 AM
A sweet little baby deserves a sweet baby name. Check out our list of scrumptious baby names inspired by our favorite delectable treats!

Cookie baby names for girls

Do you like your cookies soft and chewy or crispy and crunchy? These cookie-inspired names run the gamut:

  • Anisette – inspired by fabulous Italian cookies
  • Blossom – inspired by traditional peanut blossoms
  • Coco – inspired by coconut- or cocoa-flavored cookies
  • Ginger – inspired by festive gingerbread and gingersnap
  • Lady – inspired by elegant ladyfingers
  • Lorna – inspired by Lorna Doone shortbread
  • Praline – inspired by decadent pecan pralines
  • Sugar – inspired by the cookie's most vital ingredient

Candy baby names for boys and girls

What was your favorite childhood candy? Indulging in a chocolate-covered pretzel or a chewy piece of taffy can evoke truly fond memories.


Who could resist a baby boy named after a HeathHershey or Oh Henry bar?

  • Andy – inspired by Andes Mints
  • Astro – inspired by good ol' Astro Pops
  • Brach – a candy brand version of Brock
  • Charles – inspired by Charleston Chews
  • Clark – inspired by the famous Clark bar
  • Jack – inspired by retro Black Jack gum
  • Leo – inspired by old-fashioned King Leo candy sticks
  • Mike (and Ike) – inspired by, well, you know…
  • Necco – a candied version of Nikko
  • Pez – inspired by those comical dispenser candies
  • Reese – inspired by the first chocolate-covered peanut butter bar
  • York – inspired by the maker of Peppermint Patties


Call her Candy, or take your inspiration from the Kit Kat bar, Pixy Stix or one of these famous classics:

  • Andie – a female version of Andes Mints
  • Caramello – a sweet little twist on Carmella
  • Cella – inspired by delightful chocolate-covered cherries
  • Dove – inspired by those rich, dark chocolates
  • Honey – inspired by the classic Bit-O-Honey candies
  • Mary Jane – inspired by the old-time Mary Jane candies
  • Ruth – inspired by Baby Ruth bars
  • Taffy – inspired by chewy saltwater treats
  • Tootsie – inspired by Tootsie Pops and Tootsie Rolls

Pie, pastry and ice cream baby names

You can find names for boys and girls alike among these high-calorie favorites:

  • Angel – inspired by angel food cake
  • Brownie – Brownie for a boy, Blondie for a girl
  • Cherry – inspired by cherry cheesecake and cherry vanilla ice cream
  • Chiffon – inspired by light, fluffy flavored cake
  • Chip – as in chocolate chip (or mint chocolate chip) ice cream
  • Éclair – a fancier version of Claire
  • Napoleon – inspired by the rich French custard
  • Peach – inspired by peach pie
  • Rocky – inspired by Rocky Road ice cream

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