Posted: Nov 25, 2013 7:00 AM
Pay tribute to the brave men and women of the first Thanksgiving with one of these terrific baby names.

Fleeing England

When the Pilgrims fled King James' England, they went first to Holland. Under lenient Dutch laws, they developed a settlement called Leiden (or Leyden).

They returned to London after 10 years, when the Virginia Merchants helped them arrange their voyage to America. The Mayflower departed England in September 1620 and sailed for 65 days.

Out to sea

The Pilgrims sailed for Virginia but actually landed on the shores of Cape Cod. They set anchor in Provincetown, and the settlers remained on board for another five months. An exploring party was sent ashore and the Mayflower finally landed in what would be called Plymouth Harbor. We think Province would make a lovely baby name for a girl.

William Burton died and was buried at sea. Jasper More and Edward Thompson died on the Mayflower while Standish explored the land. A boy named Cole died on land, along with nearly half of the Pilgrim population. Many of those who passed that first winter are buried on Cole's Hill.

Pilgrim children

Baby Oceanus was born en route to America. His parents Stephen and Elizabeth Hopkins named him after his birthplace. Baby Peregrine, son of Mr. and Mrs. William White, was the first Caucasian child born in New England.

One-year-old Humility Cooper survived the voyage and lived her childhood at the colony. She traveled in the company of Edward and Ann Tilley and their nephew Henry Samson. Why her parents were left behind is unknown. She returned to England as a teenager.

Leaders of the colony

John Carver, the colony's first governor, likely wrote the Mayflower Compact. John and Carver combine nicely as first and middle names.

Learned tradesman William Bradford was one of the founders of Plymouth Colony and a signer of the Mayflower Compact. He served as governor for more than 30 years. Both William and Bradford make great first names.

Author Edward Winslow assisted Bradford with his leadership duties. He left Plymouth and returned to England to serve Oliver Cromwell's Puritan government.

Myles Standish, an English solder, became the military leader of the colony. He was married to Rose. Myles could also be spelled Miles, and you might consider Miley for a girl.

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