Posted: Jan 14, 2014 8:00 AM
Hipsters look beyond Jacob and Sophia for edgy, artsy names that will help their baby stand out among classmates and colleagues.

Hipster baby names for boys

Jacob has been the #1 baby boy name for 14 years! It's recently been rivaled by the likes of Mason and Jayden — and none of these names make our hipster list:

  • Alastair – This British classic will set your little boy apart.
  • Atticus – A young man named after the To Kill A Mockingbird hero is destined to do great things.
  • Dexter – Hipster parents can look beyond HBO's serial killer by the same name to see the real value here.
  • Duncan – The surname of a Scottish clan makes the ideal hipster first name.
  • Gus – Forget Augustus and go straight for this fabulous nickname instead.
  • Holden – This is one of those uber-cool surnames-turned-first names.
  • Lennon – We happened upon this hipster name by chance. Your son will live a charmed life with a moniker like this.
  • Vaughn – Vaughn is an antique name that deserves a second look.

Hipster baby names for girls

The most popular baby girl names — Sophia, Emma, Chloe — are lovely and feminine. Hipster names, on the other hand, have a more urban feel:

  • Avalon – This gorgeous name is a modern blend of traditional favorites Ava and Evelyn.
  • Effie – This is the one name from The Hunger Games saga that is worthy of hipster status.
  • Everest – Now that George Lucas has given this name to his baby girl, we expect that it will climb to the top (no pun intended).
  • India – This luscious baby girl name will pair beautifully with shorter surnames. Prefer a European country? Try Ireland!
  • Isadora – Hipster parents are so over Isabella, and will opt for this unique name instead.
  • Lola – This name, made famous in 1970 by The Kinks, has been embraced by many celebrities, including Kelly Ripa, Kate Moss and Lisa Bonet.
  • Mimosa – For baby girls conceived after that happy hour cocktail…
  • Morrigan – What a trendy variation on the once-overused Morgan.

Unisex hipster names

  • Brooklyn – This unisex name is trendy without being overused. Actress Brooklyn Decker wears it well, as does one of David and Victoria Beckham's handsome sons.
  • Francis – The popular 266th Pope of the Catholic Church lends a special coolness factor to this traditional baby name. (The feminine variant is spelled Frances.)
  • Jay – This unisex name pays tribute to the main character of the newly popularized The Great Gatsby. Thanks Leonardo DiCaprio!
  • London – Like many destination names, London is suitable for boys and girls alike. Not your favorite city? Try Berlin, Lisbon or Vienna.
  • Story – Minnie Driver gave her son this middle name, and hipster parents are changing the spelling to Stori for their daughters.

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