Posted: Jan 22, 2014 9:00 AM
There is so much to know about being pregnant and you could easily spend all nine months of your pregnancy reading books about what's happening to your body and your growing baby. Consider this list the jumping off point for your guide to all things preggo, covering it all, from A to Z!

pregnant bellyA is for amniocentesis

While most moms-to-be won't need to even consider having an amniocentesis during their pregnancy, it's still wise to educate yourself about the procedure, in case it does become necessary. Used for various reasons, most pertaining to high-risk pregnancies and testing, an amniocentesis is a procedure that withdraws amniotic fluid from around your baby.

B is for baby bump

It won't be long before your belly pops... which means it also won't be long before you need to announce that you're pregnant and get ready to fend off the inevitable baby bump rubs from strangers!

C is for C-section

Some moms will know, from the get-go, that they'll need to deliver via Cesarean section, and others will have it come as a last-moment decision, just before, or during labor, to help protect you and/or your baby. As you get into your third trimester, be sure to talk to your doctor about the potential of needing a C-section to deliver.

D is for dads

While you're obviously the star of this pregnancy show, don't forget the dad-to-be, who can also be experiencing emotions about becoming a parent. Plus, remember that he has the added stress of taking care of his pregnant wife!

E is for emotions

Speaking of emotions, pregnancy will certainly bring them — the good, the bad, the excited, the nervous — your hormones are in overdrive during pregnancy!

F is for full-term

Recently re-defined by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, full-term pregnancy, which used to be considered to start at the end of your 37th week of pregnancy, is now pushed back. Now, you are considered to be full-term from the first day of your 38th week of pregnancy, through the last day of your 40th week of pregnancy.

G is for Group-B strep

We're not talking about the same strep that gives you a nasty sore throat! You'll be tested for Group-B strep toward the end of your pregnancy and while only a handful of women are carriers, if you do test positive, your doctor will want to give you an antibiotic, pre-delivery, to ensure that you do not pass it along to your baby in the birth process.

H is for hospital vs. home birth

It's one of the biggest decisions, and the most personal decisions, you'll make when you're pregnant... where to deliver your baby. Are you comforted by a hospital birth? Or would you prefer to bring your baby into the world at home or possibly a birthing center?

I is for inducing labor

The closer and closer you get to your expected due date, the more and more those crazy labor-inducing tactics that you've heard rumors about will start to seem like a good idea! From downing castor oil to talking a long walk to having sex (!!!), you'll want to have these ideas on reserve... just in case.

J is for job

Whether you're a working mom, or a first-time mom who will either be leaving her job to stay at home or taking maternity leave, there is a lot to consider and juggle when you're pregnant. Our best suggestion? Start thinking about your post-pregnancy work plans as soon as you finish celebrating that you're expecting!

K is for kids... your other ones

Having a mom who is pregnant can be very exciting, but it can also be very confusing, unnerving and just plain weird for your other children, depending on how old they are. Remember to take some special time to check in with them during your pregnancy and as you get closer to adding a sibling to their life.

L is for labor

It's the grand finale! Going into labor means that your baby is almost here, but first, you have to get through the actual laboring part of the experience.

M is for maternity clothes

Some moms look forward to wearing maternity clothes and some, well, not so much. No matter how you feel about maternity clothes, look at it this way... you get to add some guilt-free new pieces to your wardrobe. Even if they do include stretchy waistbands!

N is for nausea

Those first few months of pregnancy can be a roller coaster ride, especially for your stomach, which may be experiencing nausea. And, it can be so hard to express your excitement about expecting when your head is in the toilet!calendar with baby's due date

O is for overdue

"When are you due?" Expect to hear that question a lot as you near the end of your pregnancy! Many moms go past their expected due dates when pregnant, which can be difficult, emotionally and physically.

P is for placentas

Recently, discussing your placenta — and more specifically, what you're going to do with it after you give birth — has become a common part of being pregnant.

Q is for quitting

Sure you're quitting some of your favorite habits for a good cause, but that doesn't mean it can't be difficult! From quitting your evening glass of wine to having to trade in your rigorous exercise routine for something a bit more pregnancy friendly, quitting is a small price to pay to have a safe pregnancy.

gender signsR is for revealing the gender

It doesn't take a Pinterest addict to tell you that moms are getting creative about revealing the gender of their babies!

S is for stretch marks

Your pregnancy lasts about nine months, but those stretch marks? They last forever. Every mom seems to have her secret method for keeping them at bay... what's yours?

T is for third trimester

Every pregnant mom counts down the weeks until she can say she is finally in her third trimester! Reaching this stage marks the beginning of your final countdown for your pregnancy and starts a whole new phase... one that typically includes nesting, baby showers and packing your hospital bag!

U is for unexpected changes

If there could be one word that sums up pregnancy, "unexpected" could work nicely. Expecting the unexpected when it comes to the changes in your body is the only way to make it through your pregnancy without going crazy!

V is for VBAC

What does VBAC actually stand for? Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. With more and more moms choosing VBAC as a birthing option, and with it gaining support from medical professionals, it is a term that you should become familiar with.

W is for what to avoid

Alcohol. Smoking. Cold cuts. Fish with high mercury levels. Crowded rooms of elderly people who want to rub your belly and ask if you're sure you aren't expecting twins. This list could go on for days.

X is for X-rays

yoga matIf you happen to need X-rays during your pregnancy, remember to let your doctor know that you are, in fact, pregnant before proceeding. While it is possible to have X-rays during pregnancy, when medically necessary, there are precautions to consider.

Y is for yoga

You may need to drop your hardcore exercise routine for something a little easier on your body when pregnant. Give yoga a try! Many studios offer pregnancy yoga classes that will keep you fit while pregnant and get your body ready for giving birth at the same time.

Z is for Zofran

Moms who suffer from morning sickness during their pregnancy are head over heels in love with Zofran, the newest pregnancy-safe drug on the market to keep your morning (and afternoon and nighttime...) sickness away.

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