Posted: Mar 14, 2014 8:00 AM
You finally settled on a first name, and now it's time to find the perfect complement. We've rounded up some trendy middle names that definitely won't get lost in the mix.

Celebrities introduce unique middle names

We have to admit that celebs can be really original when it comes to selecting baby names. Their creativity usually extends beyond the first name to a memorable middle name as well. Here's hoping these middles start a trend:

  • Berlin: Jeremy Renner paired this surprising middle name with an old favorite for his daughter Ava Berlin.
  • Clancy: Maggie Rizer calls her son Quinnlann Clancy, but the unique moniker sounds even better with short first name, as in James Clancy, John Clancy or Earl Clancy.
  • Colton: Thomas Colton is the baby boy of Jared Padalecki.
  • Cruz: Hilary Duff's son is named Luca Cruz. This trendy middle will complement most multi-syllable names.
  • Duke: We're loving Edward Duke, the name of Bill and Giuliana Rancic's little boy.
  • Easton: This makes a great name for girls and boys alike. Just ask Rachael Lee Cook, who named her daughter Charlotte Easton.
  • Grey: Leo Grey is the son of actress Kaitlin Olson and her hubby.
  • Hero: Kick-Ass actor Aaron Johnson's daughter is named Romy Hero.
  • Lane: Chris and Heidi Powell named their daughter Ruby Lane.
  • Pip: Singer Billie Piper and her husband Laurence Fox named their baby boy Eugene Pip.
  • Radley: Cam Gigandet channeled To Kill A Mockingbird to come up with just the right name for his son, Rekker Radley.
  • Scotland: Kourtney Kardashian's second reality TV baby is Penelope Scotland.
  • Seven: David and Victoria Beckham named their daughter Harper Seven, while Brent Seabrook used this middle name for his son, Carter Seven.

Pair a vintage middle name with a trendy first name

If you've chosen a modern first name, consider joining it with an old-fashioned gem. A classic middle name takes on an entirely different feel when paired with a fun trendsetter.

For girls:

  • Anne: Follow Marla Sokoloff's lead (she named her daughter Elliotte Anne) with a name like Riley Anne, Piper Anne or Kendall Anne.
  • Audrey: Jenna Von Oy named her daughter Gray Audrey. The middle name is great with modern feminine options like Jasmine Audrey, London Audrey or Trinity Audrey.
  • Grace: Harold Perrineau's third little girl is Holiday Grace, and the retro middle name would have paired beautifully with his other daughters' names, too (Aurora Grace and Wynter Grace).
  • Jane: Alyson Hannigan calls her daughter Keeva Jane. Consider names such as Aaliyah Jane, Paisleigh Jane and Reagan Jane.
  • Mae: Ian Ziering named his daughter Penna Mae. Try one of these: Addison Mae, Genesis Mae or Ruby Mae.
  • Margery: Break away from the crowd with a three-syllable vintage middle name. Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh named her daughter Scout Margery — a fun mix of new and old. Consider it with other short up-and-comers like Claire Margery, Reese Margery, Quinn Margery.
  • Pearl: Busy Philipps, Lily Aldridge and Jake Owen named their daughters Cricket Pearl, Dixie Pearl and Olive Pearl, respectively. Try Pearl with a contemporary first name like Autumn Pearl, Brooklyn Pearl or Nevaeh Pearl.
  • Rose: Celebrities love Rose as a middle name: India Rose (daughter of Chris Hemsworth), Hollie Rose (Amanda Holden), Lilah Rose (Linda Cardellini), Samantha Rose (Barry Williams, Sebella Rose (Roselyn Sanchez) and Summer Rose (April Hernandez-Castillo).

For boys:

  • Alan: Brooks Alan is the son of Molly Sims and her husband. Consider names such as Hunter Alan, Carter Alan or Chase Alan.
  • Alexander: The Civil Wars singer Joy Williams named her son Miles Alexander. Try one of these modern/retro combos: Braxton Alexander, Jayden Alexander or Mason Alexander.
  • Anthony: Wayne Rooney named his son Klay Anthony. We like Landon Anthony, Gavin Anthony and Jace Anthony.
  • Christian: New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees named his son Callen Christian.
  • Jack: It's a popular first name, but for Fergie and Josh Duhamel, whose son is named Axl Jack, it's the perfect middle name.
  • James (for a boy this time): Reese Witherspoon named her boy Tennessee James, Sarah Michelle Gellar named hers Rocky James and Leigh-Allyn Baker's son is Baker James.
  • Vaughn: Lisa D'Amato named her son Daxel Vaughn. Vaughn would be a great middle name for a host of two- and three-syllable monikers, such as Jackson Vaughn, Michael Vaughn, Everest Vaughn.
  • William: Jason Gann gave his son a half trendy-half traditional name with Xano William. You might pair it as follows: Ryder William, Gavin William or Declan William.

Give your baby girl a masculine middle name

Using boy names for girls is a growing trend, especially among celebs. Use it as a middle name for that unexpected quality.

  • Jaymes: Backstreet Boys singer A.J. McLean named his daughter Ava Jaymes, while Jessica Capshaw opted for the more traditional spelling with her daughter's name, Poppy James.
  • Jones: Carson Daly and his girlfriend call their daughter Etta Jones.
  • Ray: Maggie Gyllenhaal's daughter is Gloria Ray, and Bruce Willis' daughter is Mabel Ray.

Other masculine middle names for baby girls include Ryan, Thomas, Drew, Sage, Randy and Dylan.

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