Posted: Jun 13, 2014 7:00 AM
Pregnant bellies make us swoon — every single time. A new trend is to capture that cute baby bump in creative, clever and utterly stunning maternity photos. Check out these beautiful belly bumps and just try to resist the baby fever that follows.
Photo credit: Nikuwka/ iStock/360/ Getty Images

Baby bump photos are a trend we can get behind. Real mamas share their maternity photo ideas that are equally sweet and stunning as they are simple and do-able. So get ready to shine the photography light on the star of the — pregnancy — show: that beautiful belly bump.

Baby bump love- Alison Lee
Photo credit: Alison Lee

Alison Lee is a mother of two boys (with twins on the way) who writes stories of motherhood at Writing, Wishing.

About her stunning baby bump photo, Lee says, "I love so many things about my baby bump: It's my last pregnancy, they're twins which is spectacular and special, and I don't mind at all that I'm showing so early because it means my babies are growing."

Baby bump photo tip^ Focus on the bump itself. It's the star of this show.

Baby bump love- Stephanie Stearns DulliPhoto credit: Then Again Photography

Stephanie Stearns Dulli is a former professional actress embracing suburban stay-at-home mom-ness and all the adventures that come with it.

About her stunning baby bump photo, Dulli says, "I love this picture so much because it accurately depicts the love my sons already feel for their baby sister. The first baby was all about how I felt, but the second and third pregnancies have been about the babies already here, they always ask when they can go to the doctor to "see the baby on the TV."

Baby bump photo tip^ Put the siblings in the picture. This is the first glimpse of their future relationship.

Baby bump love- Sarah ReinhartPhoto credit: Sarah Reinhart

Sarah Reinhart is a mama to five and a part time photographer and freelance writer who blogs to share her family's stories and the joy she finds as she goes.

About her stunning baby bump photo, Reinhart says, "This is me at 37 weeks pregnant with my fifth and final little one. Our winter was so long this year, I truly longed for spring more than I ever have; for the day I'd look out this window and see buds instead of snow. So, when it happened I felt it important to get my tripod out and click. Remember this moment for always. Spring. And a spring-time blooming baby."

Baby bump photo tip^ Capture how you were feeling in the moment. You think you'll remember every little pregnancy detail, but you won't.

Baby bump love- Mindi Stavish
credit: Mindi Stavish

Mindi Stavish is a full-time working mom of three little boys who shares stills and stories of her life on her personal blog Simply Stavish.

About her stunning baby bump photo, Stavish says, "This photo was taken when I was 37 weeks pregnant — right before I reached the I'm so over pregnancy phase. My favorite part of pregnancy is feeling baby kicks and flutters and wondering about the little baby that is going to enter our lives. This was my third pregnancy and I am so glad I captured the baby bump as it grew. It sure does seem like a lifetime ago."

Baby bump photo tip^ Bare that bump. Even if it seems against your nature, that bump doesn't come back and is — truly — a capture you'll treasure.

Baby bump love- Lovelylyn Palm
Photo credit: Samantha Uphold

Lovelyn Palm is a mom to nine children who blogs at Moments with Love about mothering, large families, orphan care, adoption and faith.

About her stunning baby bump photo, Palm says, "I’ve loved capturing my growing belly because despite it being easy to focus on the negative symptoms that often accompany pregnancy I don’t really even remember those now, I remember this. Being amazed at what my body can do, the sweet busy of soon-to-be four girls under 5 years old and my husband gently holding us all together."

Baby bump photo tip^ Even though it's tempting to skip it, consider up-keeping the annual family photo tradition while you're pregnant. It's a keepsake of your growing family.

Baby bump love- Kimberly Muro
Photo credit: Kimberly Muro

Kimberly Muro is a mother of four with another on the way who is pursuing her true passion in the photography world.

About her stunning baby bump photo, Muro says, "The focus of this photo is on my growing belly, portraying the life I have created and am nurturing. It's simple, yet wrapped in a mother's love."

Baby bump photo tip^ Keep your photos simple, take them often and show off that belly. If you don't already, you will love it soon.

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