Posted: Jun 30, 2014 7:00 AM
It's so easy to be drawn to a particular paint color just by its super-fun name. Give your baby an inviting name inspired by these fabulous colors.
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Americans buy 652 million gallons of paint every year, according to American Coatings Association. Our color options are truly overwhelming — how can there be so many variations of white? — and sometimes the easiest way to decide is to select the paint with the most appealing name.

We've rounded up some of these delightful paint color names, sorted by the ROY-G-BIV hues of the rainbow, to inspire not just your next wall color but perhaps even your next baby name.


Red is ripe with personality. Red is intense. It's patriotic. It's royal. And it is the inspiration for these vivid names:

  • Azalea, Pratt & Lambert
  • Bella Pink, Sherwin-Williams
  • Blazer, Farrow & Ball
  • Calypso Berry, Olympic
  • Cerise, Maison Blanche Paint Company
  • Charlotte's Locks, Farrow & Ball
  • Cherries Jubilee, Glidden
  • Claret Rose, Benjamin Moore
  • Devine Blush, Devine Color
  • Flame, Pratt & Lambert
  • Peppery, Sherwin-Williams
  • Roycroft Copper Red, Sherwin-Williams
  • Sunset Skyline, Olympic
Did you know: About 65 million gallons of paint are thrown out in the U.S. each year, according to the EPA.


Beautiful oranges can range from creamy peach shades to fiery sunset colors. Each of these orange-inspired names evokes a particularly colorful image:

  • Ardent Coral, Sherwin-Williams
  • Autumn Blaze, Fine Paints of Europe
  • Coral Gables, Benjamin Moore
  • Delta Clay, Olympic
  • Devine Ginger, Devine Color
  • Honey Maple, Olympic
  • Tangelo Cream, Pittsburgh Paints
  • Tango, Sherwin-Williams

Did you know: The median cost of a professional exterior paint job is $2,200, according to


What words come to mind when you think of yellow? Bright? Sunny? Cheerful? Yellow is a color of fresh new beginnings — how appropriate that you'd give a yellow-inspired name to your baby.

  • Canary Song, Glidden
  • Capri Cream, Pittsburgh Paints
  • Honey Butter, Pittsburgh Paints
  • Jolie Blonde, Maison Blanche Paint Company
  • Lemon Glow, Benjamin Moore
  • Lotus Flower, Pittsburgh Paints
  • Lily, Sherwin-Williams
  • Spice Ivory, Pittsburgh Paints
  • Sunny Saturday, Mythic Paint
  • Van Gogh Yellow, Fine Paints of Europe
  • Yellow Finch, Benjamin Moore
> Did you know: Benjamin Moore started its company in 1883 with nine colors. Today it sells more than 3,500.


Green typically calls to mind the great outdoors. Is it any wonder that nature- and eco-inspired movements are called "green?" These fun paint hues range from yellowy shades to rich forest hues:

  • Agunthus Green, Benjamin Moore
  • Bay Laurel, Restoration Hardware
  • Bezique, Pratt & Lambert
  • Colette, Maison Blanche Paint Company
  • Devine Olive, Devine Color
  • Emerald Isle, Olympic
  • Lime Sherbet, Pantone
  • Meadow Green, Rust-Oleum
  • Palmetto, Martha Stewart Living
  • Phillips Green, California Paints
  • Sierra Night, Pratt & Lambert
> Did you know: Only 42 percent of DIYs actually test out paint on a wall before committing to a color, according to Sherwin-Williams.


Beyoncé's daughter is named Blue Ivy, and Cher named her son Elijah Blue. And if Kim Kardashian can name her North West, then why can't you name your baby girl after Pratt & Lambert's lovely blue paint color Northern Star or one of these other dreamy blues?

  • Arctic Paradise, Dunn-Edwards
  • Ash Blue, Benjamin Moore
  • Benedetta, Devine Color
  • Cay, HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams
  • Cool Jazz, Behr
  • Denim, Devine Color
  • Major Blue, Sherwin-Williams
  • Rain, Devine Color
  • Rich Navy, Glidden
  • Serene Sky, Pittsburgh Paints
  • Sky Cloud, Pratt & Lambert
  • Starry Night, Olympic
  • Storm, Devine Color
  • Van Deusen Blue, Benjamin Moore
  • Wescott Navy, Benjamin Moore
  • Windsor Blue, Pratt & Lambert
> Did you know: The paint roller was invented in 1940 and never patented.

Indigos and violets

Jennifer Garner is just one of the celebrity moms who chose the name Violet for her baby girl. Get a little more creative with this beloved hue using one of these inspired names:

  • Debutante, Maison Blanche Paint Company
  • Desert Dawn, Pittsburgh Paints
  • Indigo Night, Glidden
  • Lavender Pearl, Pittsburgh Paints
  • November Skies, Benjamin Moore
  • Pastille, Maison Blanche Paint Company
  • Plum Shade, Pittsburgh Paints
  • Purple Hyacinth, Benjamin Moore
  • Shadow, Benjamin Moore
  • Summer Phlox, Ralph Lauren

Paint colors that would not make great baby names...

A paint color may be descriptive, but it might not be all that appealing. Consider Farrow & Ball's Dead Salmon or Mole's Breath, Olympic's Lettuce Alone, Sherwin-Williams' Functional Gray or Behr's Miami Weiss. They might look OK on your walls, but definitely not on your baby's birth certificate.

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