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Inspired by famous lovers and historical heroes and heroines, these romantic baby names will remind you of the love that brought your family together.
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^Mr. Antony and Cleopatra

This true love story created havoc between the Egyptians and the Romans. Shakespeare himself could not have written a more dramatic ending to their tale.

^Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet

Wealthy aristocratic Darcy knows that the ill-bred, unpolished Elizabeth is completely unsuitable to be the mistress of his impressive, prestigious estate, but he falls for her anyway. She initially refuses him but over time comes to the realization that Darcy is the only one for her.

^Edward Rochester and Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte brings together a poor governess and her gruff, rich boss. Rochester reveals his tender side to Jane but fails to tell her that he's married. She finds out on their wedding day and runs away heartbroken. She returns after a fire leaves Mrs. Rochester dead and the mister blinded. They resume their love affair and live happily ever after.

^King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson

Scandal ensued when a once-divorced, still-married American woman became the object of affection of Prince Edward VIII. It was not long before the prince became the King of England and his desire to marry Wallis infuriated his country. Edward abdicated his throne, Wallis quietly divorced her second husband and the two finally wed in 1937. They remained married until Edward's death in 1972.

^Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater

The love affair between the wealthy betrothed Rose and the poor stowaway artist Jack was doomed to fail. Just when you think they stand a chance, the Titanic sinks.

^Napoleon and Josephine

The marriage between young Napoleon and his wealthy older wife was one of convenience, but over time the two fell deeply in love. But since Josephine was unable to give her husband an heir, they were forced to go their separate ways.

^John Smith and Pocahontas

The first legendary love story of America features an Indian Princess and an English Pilgrim. Pocahontas saved John Smith from Indian torture and the two became very close. After serious injuries, however, John returned to England, Pocahontas was abducted, became a Christian and wed a friend, unbeknownst to her, of her beloved.

^Odysseus and Penelope

Shortly after they wed, the groom was forced to go to war… for 20 years. During that time, Penelope rejects 108 eager suitors and Odysseus refuses the temptations of a beautiful sorceress. The pair are eventually reunited… true love indeed.

^Orpheus and Eurydice

This ancient Greek tale describes the great love between Orpheus and the beautiful nymph. He loses his wife to fatal snake bites, makes promises to the underworld to be reunited with her and then loses her again when he breaks the rules.

^Paolo and Francesca

This pair was made famous by Dante's Divine Comedy. Francesca falls in love with Paolo, her husband's brother, as they discover together the beautiful tale of Lancelot and Guinevere. The angry husband, Gianciotto, kills them both.

^Pierre and Marie Curie

French scientist and teacher Pierre fell in love with the young Polish Marie, a laboratory worker and student at the Sorbonne. He proposed over and over again until she accepted, and they wed in 1895. Three years later, they discovered radium and polonium. Upon his death, Marie took the place of Pierre at the Sorbonne and became the school's first female teacher.

^Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara

Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind is the epic love story of Scarlett and Rhett. The passionate pair just can't catch a break, with the Civil War and Scarlett's flirtatious ways. When she finally does come around, Rhett has decided he's had enough.

^Paris and Helena

Homer's Iliad recounts the story of the beautiful Helen of Sparta, daughter of Zeus and Leda. Paris, the son of the King of Troy, fell deeply in love with Helen and brought her back to Troy. The result:  the Trojan War.

^Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor

After starring as Antony and Cleopatra in the 1963 film, these movie stars embarked on a romance condemned by the Pope as "erotic vagrancy." They married, divorced, remarried and divorced again.

^Romeo and Juliet

This young couple defined "young love," "love at first sight" and "risking everything for love." Few love stories can compete with this tragedy by William Shakespeare.

^Tristan and Isolde

This love story also takes place during the medieval reign of King Arthur. Each lover married another, and both died of broken hearts.

^Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere

The knight and queen fooled around behind King Arthur's back, and their affair weakened the kingdom and divided the Knights of the Round Table. Lancelot died a hermit, and Guinevere's last years were spent as a nun.

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