Posted: Apr 21, 2012 1:12 PM
Something everyone knows about me is that I love a bargain! I clip coupons and belong to every store loyalty program under the sun. Then when the items I want go on sale, I pounce!

I’ve gotten some pretty sweet bargains over the years, but I’ve also spent money on things just because they were marked down to the rock-bottom price. Yeah, I’ll admit it, sometimes a low price on a sales rack makes me lose my head. After all, how much of a bargain is that top I snatched off the sale rack for $10 if it's still sitting in my closet with the tags on it 6 months after I bought it? To me, a truly great clothing bargain is something I can wear over and over again in at least two different ways.

Pick versatile pieces

shirtI might have paid full price for a top, but if I can wear it five different ways? That's like getting five tops for the price of one! Now that's a bargain!

My best advice when it comes to clothes is not to be afraid to splurge on the basics that you will wear day in and day out. Incorporate trends into your wardrobe with less expensive accessories such as scarves, costume jewelry and shoes.

Get creative

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little with the pieces you already have in your closet. What do you have to lose? Try tops on back-to-front, try wearing a skirt as a top, a top as a skirt or leggings under a dress (am I the only one who is sooo glad to see that trend from the 80s come back?).

A friend of mine joked to me this morning that she steals her teens' maxi skirts, hikes them up over her chest, then adds a belt for an instant cocktail dress! So play around a little with your clothes. Who knows? Maybe you'll discover your wardrobe is three times the size you thought it was!

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