Posted: Apr 17, 2012 6:11 PM
It’s okay to want to look your best, but super-trendy isn’t always the best look for Mom. Leave the body piercings, tattoos and low-rise jeans to the teenagers and embrace your own awesome mom style.

Moms are copying their teenage daughters’ fashion decisions, say researchers at Temple University's Fox School of Business. The study, published in The Journal of Consumer Behavior, “found that mothers doppelgang their adolescent daughters.”

And it's not just regular moms like us. We see this behavior among celebrities, too: Madonna dressing like Lourdes, Dina Lohan like Lindsay and Demi Moore like Tallulah.

We're asking you, on behalf of your teenage daughter, to avoid -- at the very least -- these five trends that look great on a 16-year-old girl... but not on her mother!

1- Multiple bra straps

Teen girls love to layer and one of the most popular combos is the tank top over the camisole over the pretty bra. The result is a plethora of straps!

Most of us look at this complicated style and think it looks sloppy, careless and undone. But other moms copy it! Please Mom: tank tops are fine -- we love them -- but for heaven's sake, tuck in those straps!

And while we're on the subject of visible lingerie...

2- The peekaboo thong

If your lacy thong shows every time you tie your shoes, then your jeans don't fit! The look is kind of trashy when teenagers do it, but it's downright pathetic when Mom lets it all hang out.

We're not suggesting you settle for high-waisted mom jeans -- we just want you to avoid those super low-rise pants that leave nothing to the imagination.

And there's another reason to avoid low-cut pants...

3- The tramp stamp

For today’s teens, getting a tattoo is no big deal. And tattoos can look really attractive on young, taut skin -- a little star on the ankle or a delicate flower on the shoulder.

But as we know all too well, our youthful skin doesn't stick around forever. Aging and gravity take over and things start to wrinkle and sag.

And it's for this very reason that we plead with you to stay away from the tattoo parlor. That hummingbird will look very different on middle-age bat wings than it does on a 16-year-old cheerleader's bicep.

And the next trend doesn't fair well on droopy skin either...

4- Body piercings

There was a time when getting your ears pierced was a really big deal! Now ears are one of the last things teenagers want to pierce.

Mom, you should keep those pierced ears front and foremost! Take the money you have earmarked for other piercings -- tongue, nose, eyebrow -- and invest in a pair of diamond earrings instead.

If you feel you must have a bellybutton piercing, at least keep it covered...

5- Belly shirts

Back in the '80s, we called them cropped tops. But it doesn't really matter what they're called, they're a no-no for anyone who's graduated high school.

And if your abs are less-than-flat, by all means make sure your shirt -- full or fitted, long-sleeve or short -- covers your entire torso. Muffin tops are very, very bad.

Even if your devotion to Pilates has given you an enviable six-pack, there comes an age when you just don't have to bear it to flaunt it. Show it off with fitted tops and belted jackets instead.

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