Posted: Aug 31, 2012 9:00 AM
Love the drama of the smoky eye? Learn how to recreate this beauty trend so your peepers will have you standing out -- in a good way.

When it comes to accessories, your makeup is just as important as your jewelry and shoes. Here's how to create a celeb-worthy smoky eye.

Dramatic eye makeup that lasts


Applying makeup is tantamount to painting a canvas, so even if you're just dabbling in a new genre for one special evening, practice makes perfect. "The smoky eye is about shadow placement and blending, making the colors appear seamless," says Jaclyn Peresetsky of Skin Perfect Clinic.

Keep this in mind as you follow Peresetsky's step-by-step tutorial for creating the coveted smoky eye:

  • Apply eye shadow to the whole lid of the eye, from the root of the lash to the bottom of the eyebrow area.
  • Use your darkest eyeliner to apply small dash marks along the lash line on your top lid. Smudge out the line.
  • Apply eyeliner to the bottom lid, but only about three-quarters of the way across. Smudge the liner so that it carries to the inner corner of the eye.
  • Sweep your medium eye shadow shade over your smudged liner (top and bottom lids) with a brush, fading the color on the round part of the eye.
  • Blend your light eye shadow shade so it slightly overlaps the medium shade, fading it toward the crease of your eye. Keep your light shade away from the brow bone.
  • Using your matte finish nude color (this could be an eye shadow or your face powder), press and pat just under your brows with a large shadow brush.
  • Use eyeliner again and follow the top lash line from corner to corner.
  • Apply volumizing mascara from root to tip on top and bottom lashes.
  • Finishing touch: Use concealer to sweep under the eye area to create a clean look.

Quick fixes for smoky eyes

The smoky eye is about shadow placement and blending, making the colors appear seamless.

Use your concealer brush as an eraser to pick up and remove any falling eye shadow, advises Peresetsky. "For mascara mishaps, use a dry Q-tip with a press-and-twist motion on the spots dotting the lid."

It's all in the details

The smoky eye is an attention-grabbing look, so remember: "If the eyes are dark, keep the lips light and make sure you use bronzer to contour cheekbones," says Lauren Ballard, Hard Candy makeup artist.

And if you're not into the grays and blacks but still want the mystique of a smoky eye, opt for browns, charcoals or even deep blue tones, adds Ballard.

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