Posted: Apr 22, 2012 6:50 AM
Everyone experiences a beauty blunder now and then. Our easy fixes for the most common beauty mistakes will get you back to beautiful in no time!

1. At-home hair color nightmare

Coloring your hair at home is messy -- and risky. Your newly dyed hair might come out looking nothing like the color on the box. Stay calm -- help is on the way.

Your beauty supply store should have just what you need in the hair color section: a box of gentle hair color stripper. Follow the directions on the box to remove permanent or semi-permanent color.

You will likely be left with a head of orange hair which, once dry, can safely be recolored.

2. Icky sweat stains

On Seinfeld, George talked about his showers that just “wouldn’t take.” No matter how clean you are – or how strong your antiperspirant – you just may find yourself sweating through your blouses. Excessive sweating can be temporary or ongoing, and a variety of solutions are available:

  • Try a clinical-strength over-the-counter antiperspirant.
  • Ask your dermatologist about Drysol, an antiperspirant with a high percentage of aluminum chloride, a drying agent.
  • If you’re still sweating buckets, ask your doctor about Botox injections.

3. Dull, dingy teeth

The things we eat and drink can cause our teeth to stain over time. Fortunately, the shelves are filled with at-home bleaching products – toothpastes, rinses, strips, trays – that make it easy to whiten and brighten your smile.

For more dramatic results, your dentist can provide laser whitening treatments or a custom-fitted whitening mouthpiece.

4. Streaky sunless-tanner oops

We’re all for a pretty summer glow, and sunless tanners are the safe way to get it. But whether you choose spray, lotion, gel or foam, it’s easy to misapply. If yours has left you covered with orangy blotches, try one (or more) of these quick fixes:

  • Slice a fresh lemon in half and rub it on stained areas, such as the palms of your hands and bottoms of your feet. Rinse and repeat as needed.
  • Make a gentle exfoliating paste with baking soda and water. Apply it to the streaky areas and let it dry. Rinse with water while gently scrubbing with the baking soda.
  • Apply white toothpaste to orangy knuckles and fingernails. Wait several minutes before rinsing.
  • To lighten large a large area of skin, apply a lotion containing alpha hydroxy lotion. Rinse in the shower and use a loofah. Reapply the lotion.

5. Facial hair overload

Have you noticed a darkening shadow above your upper lip or random new hairs sprouting from your chin? Facial hair is hard to hide.

Stay one step ahead of your budding 'stache and beard with drugstore products that target facial hair. You’ll find a wide array of creams and lotions to bleach or remove the unwanted hair.

If the problem worsens, consult your doctor about possible hormone or glandular issues. Your doctor may also be able to prescribe a stronger cream to address the problem.

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