Posted: May 11, 2012 7:00 AM
Initially I bought these baby products for my children, but I'm still loving them long after they've outgrown them. These baby products do double duty for mom and baby. Here's why I love them!

Aquaphor as lip balm

The first time I had ever heard of this wonder balm called Aquaphor by Eucerin was when I received it at my baby shower. I wasn't sure how to use it at the time but once my daughter was born it was put to good use on her lips (when they were chapped) and on dry patches on her skin. It's essentially Vaseline, but not quite so gummy.

Just for mom^Aquaphor is an amazing lip balm! It was so easy to just give my daughter's lips a swipe and then rub the extra on my lips. I was hooked and haven't used any other kind of lip balm since. They actually sell a lip balm product that I've never tried but the small purse-size tubes of the original are fine by me.

Aquaphor is an amazing lip balm. I haven't used any other kind of lip balm since!

Skip Hop diaper bag as carry all

I loved my Skip Hop Duo diaper bag before, but I love them even more now that they're my carry-all totes. I started motherhood with a standard diaper bag. You know the kind -- available at mass retailers, one large main compartment, long shoulder strap, rectangular design. I nabbed a Skip Hop Duo diaper bag on clearance one day and never looked back. When I had my second child, I bought another one because it was that good. In fact, the first one was still going strong after a full year of abuse. The Duo has a ton of pockets (both inside and out) which are actually easy to access and are big enough for anything you want to put in them. I also found the shape and size of the Duo to be extremely functional. Although it's tall, it doesn't topple over when you set it down -- and it seems like the space inside is neverending, even though it's smaller than other diaper bags.

Just for mom^I'm still happily using (and loving) one of my Duos for my son, and the other one has become my carry-all. It's great for overnights at Grandma's, for toting my laptop around, for extra blankets on trips and the list goes on...

Stretch mark cream for your face

Whether it was genetics or a good measure of prevention, I escaped two pregnancies with only one nearly invisible stretch mark. (Send your hate mail via comments below!) I used the good old Palmer's Tummy Butter and Palmer's Stretch Mark cream, lathering them both on at night and using only the cream during the day (the Tummy Butter is really greasy and not great for daytime use).

Just for mom^I have the remainder of a tube of stretch mark cream in my vanity and recently, my face was feeling really overworked -- too much scrubbing, exfoliating and treatment gels. I'm usually very leery of putting anything on my face that might cause breakouts, but my skin really needed a drink so I smeared it all over. My skin felt luminous in the morning and I escaped without a breakout.

Diaper rash cream for dry skin

Call me crazy, but the smell of good old A+D diaper rash cream makes me nostalgic for the early days of each of my children's lives and the hundreds of diaper changes. We've kept a tube on-hand to address numerous owies down there. (Note: We also tried the Butt Paste because we thought the name was funny... it's effective on diaper rashes but it's more of a stiff cream than an ointment and hard to rub in and around, in my opinion.)

Just for mom^I suffer from really dry heels. So dry that they'll often split -- it's painful and so far, un-preventable. No amount of lotion can help prevent this painful occurrence (though maybe it would help if I stopped walking around everywhere barefoot!) so I turned to the diaper rash cream. I figured it's ooey gooey, made to stick around and it couldn't hurt. It's definitely made a difference and seems to work better than any other ointments I've tried to keep my heels soft. Strange, yes, but also effective!

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