Posted: Jun 04, 2012 9:00 AM
Hey Grizzly Adams! Swimsuit season is upon us, and it’s time to take serious action against that annoying fuzz.

Scary hairy places

When it comes to unwanted hair, we all have our secret trouble spots. Let’s just start at the top and work our way down:

  • eyebrows – We’ve long been accustomed to grooming bushy brows and removing unibrows!
  • upper lip – Curse that blasted mustache! The brilliant summer sun just accentuates those defiant hairs that are so difficult to remove.
  • sideburns – They may have looked good on Elvis, but there’s not a woman in the world who welcomes sideburns on her tender cheeks.
  • chin – “Why is it that the thinner my eyebrows get, the fuller my beard is?” asks one bewildered woman. The chin can present everything from one single long hair to a full-on fuzzy beard.
  • neck – Having hair on the neck and throat should be outlawed… even for men!
  • underarms – Difficult armpit hairs – which seem to grow in every possible direction – make us pay for shaving them off, leaving behind lumps and bumps that can look as bad as the hair itself!
  • nipples – For what possible reason did Mother Nature put random hairs on our areolas?
  • forearms – Sparkly bangle bracelets just don’t have the desired effect when worn on hairy forearms.
  • tummy – Shave those barely there stomach hairs once and they'll come back coarse and black... and you’ll spend the rest of your life fighting them!
  • booty, et al – What can we say about the hair down there? For everyone's sake, keep it tamed if you plan to wear a swimsuit in public.
  • legs – Just think about how many hours of your life you’ve spent trying to keep your legs prickle-free.
  • toes – Don’t even bother getting a pedicure unless you intend to remove those big toe whiskers!

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Hair removal options

We're all pretty familiar with the traditional options: shaving, depilatories, waxing, and tweezing. And there are other longer-term options that are even more effective at getting rid of pesky hairs that crop up in unexpected places.

Laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal doesn’t remove hair, it permanently reduces the number of follicles that are able to make hair, says Dr. Jay Kulkin of Women’s Institute for Health. You'll need several treatments, but a single laser pulse treats hundreds of follicles in a fraction of a second and you see a reduction in hair after every treatment.

Economical Option^The TRIA Hair Removal Laser (, $395) gives you professional diode laser technology at home!

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Threading uses cotton threads to prune individual hairs. This technique, which works on both long and short hairs, is ideal for grooming eyebrows and facial hair because you have control over precisely how much hair you want to remove.

Find a location^ Check out for a threading location near you.

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VANIQA® is an FDA-approved prescription product that slows the growth of facial hair rather than removing it. No more covering up when you’re close-up with someone.

Save Money^ Visit VANIQA® online to save up to $50.

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